19.576 Professional Development Workshops and Digital Humanities?

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         Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 06:40:04 +0000
         From: Melissa Terras <m.terras_at_ucl.ac.uk>
         Subject: Professional Development Workshops and Digital Humanities?

Dear Humanists,

In the past few years, the ACH/ALLC Annual Conference has often been
preceded by a series of workshops, usually providing basic
introductions to XML, TEI, and other technologies of interest to
those who aim to partake in the digital humanities community.
However, there has been little provision of training for academics
and practitioners in the field who may like to undertake some
professional development at a more advanced level.

There has been some discussion within the ALLC committee as to
whether it would be beneficial to the community to organise and
support workshops prior to the Digital Humanities conference(s) which
may be focussed at providing some kind of professional development
training. These would probably be one day workshops on the day prior
to the conference.

Topics which have been suggested include (but are not limited to)
-content management systems
- digital image colour management
- eXist databases/servers
- visualisation and 3d visualisations
- grid technologies and e-science applications in the humanities
- xml, SQL and databases
- gaming technologies, narratives (and theory?)
- three dimensional scanning: tools, techniques and usability.

Would members of the Digital Humanities community be interested in
such an endeavour? Are there any topics we should be focussing on? Is
the involvement of the organisation(s) in the area of professional
development a good idea? If we build it, will you attend?


Melissa Terras
(Acting Secretary of ALLC)
Melissa M. Terras MA MSc DPhil CLTHE
Lecturer in Electronic Communication
School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
Henry Morley Building
University College London
Gower Street

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