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        From: Alan Liu <ayliu_at_english.ucsb.edu>
        Subject: PhD Reading Lists

Our English department at UC Santa Barbara created a reading list on
"Literature and Theory of Technology / Media / Information" some years ago
for graduate students taking their MA-level exam (they choose 3 out of a
possible 11 fields to be examined in). The field reading list was designed
to complement the various digital humanities/new media projects in our
department that students work for as RAs or TAs. By design, we made the
list a wide-focus one (technology, media, and information). Needless to
say, the list would be different if it had been created today (we will need
to update it very soon), if it had been designed solely around the ideas of
digital humanities or new media, or if we had decided to examine in the
practical technology and encoding sides of the field (as opposed to
accommodating that training in our projects). However, I must say that the
wide focus of the list has been very satisfying intellectually--asking our
students, for example, to read in the "history of the book" and "new media"
fields simultaneously.

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