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Is there anyone out there who can point me at the original text from 1952 in
which GWA Drummer (b. 1909), a British engineer at the UK Royal Radar
Establishment, came up with the original idea of a monolithic integrated
circuit when he wrote: =8CWith the advent of the transistor and the work in
semiconductors generally, it seems now possible to envisage electronic
equipment in a solid block with no connecting wires.=B9 That block could be
made, according to Drummer, of =8Cof layers of insulating, conducting,
rectifying and amplifying materials=B9. (cited in Kungl.
Vetenskapsakademien, Advanced information on the Nobel Prize in Physics
2000, p.6
_phyadv00.pdf>) As we all know, Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce later fought
over the ownership of the original idea of the silicon chip.




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