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Western Literary Studies: Traditions, Trends, and
Topics is a collection of essays on literature in
North America and Western Europe. The co-editors
are seeking chapter authors from scholars and
advanced Ph.D. students who are able to present
an overview of scholarship in the chosen
topic. All critical approaches are welcome.

The book has been tentatively scheduled for
publication by Peking University Press at the end
of 2006. Chapter authors must be able to send
the final draft to the co-editors by July 15, 2006.

Because the readership is Chinese graduate and
undergraduate students in literature majors, the
book will be published in Chinese. Interested
potential authors who lack proficiency in Chinese
may team up with a colleague with an excellent command of the Chinese

Available chapters are:

1. What is Literature? (assigned)
2. Literary Genres (assigned)
3. Religion and Literature
4. Philosophy and Literature
5. Politics and Literature
6. Race, Ethnicity, and Literature
7. Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
8. Science and Technology and Literature
9. Language and Literature (assigned)
10. War Literature
11. Film, Television, Other Media, and Literature
12. Literary Education
13. Comparative Literature
14. Diaspora Literature
15. Literary Theories

For detailed information, please send-- as soon as
possible -- a curriculum vita (no longer than 3
pages) and a narrative description of your
specialty (300 words) in both Chinese and English to:

Jian-Zhong Lin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Department of English
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
(860) 465-4547
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