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On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, Humanist Discussion Group (by way of David Gants) wrote:
>Surely there are world class hackers at the various universities where
>most of the Humanist subscribers reside. The software and hardware used
>by the Chinese government couldn't be any better than that offered by
>most vendors. Rather than writing trivial viruses to annoy millions of
>users, why shouldn't they try to do something that is a real benefit to
>Perhaps graduate seminars on breaking censorship firewalls, free
>software to avoid them (perhaps embedded in commercial/free software) or
>academic prizes for the same?

There are certainly people capable of doing this, but I do not think
it is wise to advocate criminal activities that amount to (cyber-)

What _is_ possible that allows to anonymise messages so that the source
can be guaranteed not to be determined in the network, those are used
by political dissenters -- and paedophiles alike -- such as Freenet
designed by former MSc student Ian Clark from Edinburgh, which is now
widely deployed.

What is _not_ possible is to forget about the law and just turn grad
students into Cyberwarfare activists. In a democracy, such things are
left to the executive branch of the system, and it should be the
signpost of a democratic society that it uses only democratic means,
even against those who do not themselves subscribe to democracy.

A democracy that turns itself toward terrorist methods would not be
worth having.


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