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   [1] From: Computational Philosophy Laboratory - University (78)
                 of Pavia <cp-lab_at_unipv.it>
         Subject: MBR06_CHINA Last Call for Papers

   [2] From: geoff_at_cs.miami.edu (39)
         Subject: Logic and Reasoning Workshop CFP

   [3] From: Matthew Zimmerman <mz34_at_nyu.edu> (31)
         Subject: Dates for 2006 TEI-C Members' Meeting

         Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 06:45:22 +0000
         From: Computational Philosophy Laboratory - University of
Pavia <cp-lab_at_unipv.it>
         Subject: MBR06_CHINA Last Call for Papers

EXTENDED DEADLINE - Deadline March 1, 2006

The Second International Conference of Philosophy and Cognitive Science

                Guangzhou (Canton), China, July 3-5, 2006
                  Chairs: Ping Li and Lorenzo Magnani



                   MBR in Engineering and Robotic Systems


                         MBR COMMUNITY WEB SITE



   From Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 July 2006 (three days) the International
at Sun Yat-Sen University in the city of Guangzhou.

The conference derives from a research cooperation between the
Department of Philosophy of Sun Yat-Sen University and the Department of
Philosophy of the University of Pavia and continues the themes both of
the Conferences "Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Discovery" MBR'98,
"Model-Based Reasoning: Scientific Discovery, Technological Innovation,
and Values" MBR'01, and "Model-Based Reasoning in Science and
Engineering: Abduction, Visualization, and Simulation" MBR'04, and of
"the First International Conference of Philosophy and Cognitive Science:
Science, Cognition, and Consciousness", 2004.

The previous volumes derived from those conferences are:

L. Magnani and N. J. Nersessian (eds.) (2002), Model-Based Reasoning.
Science, Technology, Values,
     Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
L. Magnani, N. J. Nersessian, and C. Pizzi (eds.) (2002), Logical and
Computational Aspects of Model-Based Reasoning,
     Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht. http://www.wkap.nl/prod/b/1-4020-0791-4
L. Magnani, N. J. Nersessian, and P. Thagard (eds.) (1999), Model-Based
Reasoning in Scientific Discovery,
     Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
(Chinese edition, translated and edited by Q. Yu and T. Wang, China
Science and Technology Press, Beijing, 2000).
Ping Li, Xiang. Chen, Zhilin Zhang, and Huaxia Zhang (eds.)(2004),
Science, Cognition, and Consciousness,
     JiangXi People's Press, Nanchang, China.


The conference will deal with the logical, epistemological, and
cognitive aspects of modeling practices employed in science and
medicine, including computational models of such practices. We solicit
papers that examine the role of abduction, visualization, and simulation
in model-based reasoning from philosophical, historical, sociological,
psychological, or computational perspectives.


We call for papers that cover topics pertaining to
model-based reasoning in science and medicine from the following list:

- model-based reasoning in scientific discovery and conceptual changes
- the role of models in scientific and technological thinking
- model-based reasoning in scientific explanation
- model-based medical diagnosis
- model-based reasoning and traditional Chinese medicine
- model-based reasoning in engineering and robotics
- model-based reasoning and technological artefacts
- abduction
- visual, spatial, imagistic modeling and reasoning
- simulative modeling
- the role of diagrammatic representations
- computational models of visual and simulative reasoning
- causal and counterfactual reasoning in model construction
- visual analogy
- thought experimenting
- logical analyses related to model-based reasoning
- manipulative reasoning
- distributed model-based reasoning
- embodiment in model-based reasoning


         Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 06:47:46 +0000
         From: geoff_at_cs.miami.edu
         Subject: Logic and Reasoning Workshop CFP

- Reminder ... Reminder ... Reminder ... Reminder ... Reminder ... Reminder ...

                           The CSR 2006 Workshop on

     Logic for Automated Reasoning and Automated Reasoning for Logic (LARARL)

                     will be held 7th June 2006 as part of

            The International Computer Science Symposium in Russia
                  St Petersburg, Russia, 8th - 12th June 2006

                      Submission deadline - 6th March 2006

                      Invited speaker - John Slaney
                      Workshop orgainzers - Boris Konev & Geoff Sutcliffe

This workshop will bring together practioners and researchers who are
with the logics that underlie automated reasoning, and the use of automated
reasoning to investgate logics and their applications. Reasoning in all forms
(automated, interactive, etc) and all logics (classical, non-classical, all
orders, etc) is of interest to the workshop. The workshop will be divided into
two tracks:

Logic for Automated Reasoning
+ Properties of logic that make them suitable for automated reasoning
+ New logics for which automated reasoning is possible
+ Reasoning calculi and inference rules for logics
+ System descriptions of implementations of logical calculi
+ Translations of and between logics to permit automated reasoning
+ Applications of logic for automated reasoning

Automated Reasoning for Logic
+ Investigations of axiomatizations of logics
+ Proof search and guidance for reasoning about logics
+ System descriptions specialized towards reasoning about logics
+ Experimental results from automated reasoning about logics
+ Challenge problems in logic for automated reasoning
+ Encoding application problems as logic problems
+ Applications of automated reasoning for logic

Submission of papers for presentation at the workshop, and proposals
for system
and application demonstrations at the workshop, are now invited. Submissions
will be reviewed, and a balanced program of high-quality contributions will be
selected. There is a 20 page limit. Full details of the workshop and submission
requirements are on the WWW page ...


         Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 06:49:43 +0000
         From: Matthew Zimmerman <mz34_at_nyu.edu>
         Subject: Dates for 2006 TEI-C Members' Meeting

2006 Text Encoding Initiative Consortium Members' Meeting
October 27-28, 2006
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The 2006 TEI-C Members' Meeting will take place October 27 and 28th
in Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada. The gathering is hosted by the
Electronic Textual Cultures Lab and the Humanities Computing and Media
Centre at University of Victoria and will be held at the Hotel Grand
Pacific in Victoria
http://www.hotelgrandpacific.com/ . The TEI-C has secured
favorable room rates if you choose to stay there as well.

As in past years the first day of the meeting will consist of a program
of invited speakers. The second day will consist of a poster session,
special interest group meetings, and the TEI-C business meeting at which
our annual elections take place. The meeting is free of charge for
institutional members and subscribers, but attendance is open to
anyone. The
meeting fee charged to non-members and non-subscribers entitles you to
subscriber benefits for the remainder of the calendar year.

More information including a Call for Posters, a Call for Nominations,
and a Call for Registration will follow in the next months, but, in the
meantime, mark your calendar for this exciting event.

If you have any questions please direct your email to info_at_tei-c.org

Matthew Zimmerman
Text Encoding Initiative Consortium
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