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         Subject: TCC 2006 ONLINE CONFERENCE, April 18-20, 2006

TCC 2006 ONLINE CONFERENCE, April 18-20, 2006: Now Open for Registration

Voyaging into a new decade!
April 18-20, 2006
Pre-Conference Dates: April 4-6, 2006

Homepage: http://tcc.kcc.hawaii.edu

The TCC voyage continues. Over the past 10 years, much has changed, and
some things have not. Where will we go in the next ten, how will we
employ technology and address change, and most importantly, how will
students benefit from all of this?

Students are increasingly proficient in using online technologies and
will require little further IT training in college. They will demand
greater use of technology in teaching and learning. Educators must
increasingly use technology to gain their attention and accommodate their
learning styles and preferences. (ECAR, Students and Information
Technology, 2005)

Blogs, wikis, taggin', mp3 players, online music, podcasts, AJAX, to name
a few, have evolved considerably in the past year. Companies have
incorporated blog watching into their PR and marketing operations.
Universities are providing open content. Programmers are producing open
source software.

How can educators benefit from these changes? What is the new remix among
students, technology and learning? What do students say?

THEME. TCC 2006 will present papers and presentations that explore this
remix of new information sources and emerging technologies as it
impacts the learner in colleges and universities worldwide.

Topics may include the usees and benefits of information technology for
student learning in areas such as:
* Online, hybrid, or blended learning
* Distance learning and mobile learning
* Student orientation and preparation
* Factors that lead to student success
* Implementing technology in learning centered environments
* E-portfolios and other online assessment tools
* Emerging technologies for teaching and learning (blogs, wikis,
podcasts, etc)
* Open content and open source
* Multimedia resources and delivery
* Building and sustaining learning communities
* Using technology to enhance communication between faculty and students *
Online student services (tutoring, advising, payments, etc)
* Facilitating institutional change with technology
* Professional development for faculty and staff
* Global learning or international education
* Gender equity, the Digital Divide, and access for everyone
* Educational technology use in Asia & the Pacific, Europe, South
America, and Africa.

TCC or "Technology, Colleges and Community" is a worldwide conference
conducted entirely online. It is designed for university and college
practitioners to share expertise, experiences and knowledge relevant to
the use of information technology in learning, teaching as well as
related academic services to university and college students worldwide.

You may participate from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you
happen to be. Broadband access is recommended but not required.

Jill Walker, Department of Humanistic Informatics, University of
Bergen, Norway
Tim Lauer, Principal, Meriwether Lewis, Elementary School, Portland, OR USA
Will Richardson, Webblog-ed and Supervisor of Instructional Technology and
      Communications, Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington,

For registration or to view a tentative schedule and list of
presentations see the conference homepage:
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