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         Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 10:04:52 +0100
         From: "Claire Rustat-Flinton" <crustat_at_esf.org>
         Subject: Calls for Outline Proposals for
ESF EUROCORES Pro grammes Inventing Europe and TECT

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that ESF has launched
two more Calls for Outline Proposals for
Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs) under the
following EUROCORES Programmes:

- "TECT - The Evolution of Cooperation and
Trading", a multidisciplinary programme of
interest for researchers in human, social, life
and natural sciences. The development of this
EUROCORES Programme has been supported by
SCH (Humanities), SCSS (Social Sciences) and LESC
(Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences).

-"Inventing Europe - Technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present

The Calls have been published on the ESF website
at http://www.esf.org/tect and http://www.esf.org/inventingeurope respectively.

Best regards

Dr. Ruediger Klein
EUROCORES Programme Coordinator
European Science Foundation (ESF)
1, quai Lezay-MarnÚsia
F - 67080 Strasbourg cedex
Tel.: +33 (0)388 76 71 04
Fax: +33 (0)388 37 05 32
E-mail: rklein_at_esf.org
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