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         Subject: NEW BOOKS by L. Magnani et al., Proceedings of ECAP2004_ITALY

1) L. MAGNANI (ed), Computing and Philosophy,
Associated International Academic Publishers
(Scientific Director: Lorenzo Magnani), Pavia,
2006. ISBN 88-89659-02-5, € 21.60.

Authors: M. Bazire, P. Brézillon, J. Burian, B.
Cambon de Lavalette, W. A. Cameron, L. Celi, L.
De Carli, G. Dodig-Crnkovic, S. Franchi, D.
Gadia, A. Lacaste, C Leproux, Th. Lindof, D.
Marini, L. Marini- Lumer, S. Mildeova, S.
Poitrenaud, A. Riegler, C. T. Schmidt, C. Tabet,
C. Tijus, S. Trausan-Matu, M. Weinstein.

Publisher Website Associated International
Academic Publisher (Scientific Director: Lorenzo


2) L. MAGNANI and R. DOSSENA (eds), Computing, Philosophy and Cognition,
College Publications, London, 2005. ISBN 19-04987-24-9, £ 18.00.

Authors: T. Addis, P. Allo, C. Arrighi, E.
Bardone, M. Berg, D. Billinge, R. Bod, P. Boulos,
S. Colon, R. Cordeschi, E. Datteri, F. M.
Dionisio, G. Dodig- Crnkovic, R. G. Domenela, M.
J. Dovey, R. O. Elveton, A. Faro, R. Feltrero,
R. Ferrario, L. Floridi, A. Gatti, D. Giordano,
P. Gouveia, M. Guarini, T. Honkela, T.
Knuuttila, P. Kühnlein, J. Lee, L. Magnani, J.
Marcos, A. Pease, A. Plebe, J. Sarela, J.
Schleimer, A. Smaill, M. Sprevak, S. Stuart, G. Tamburrini, G. R. Wheeler.

Publisher Website: under (re)construction


3) Forthcoming: special issue of Minds and
Society (Springer) "Ontology, Meaning, Belief"
edited by Lorenzo Magnani

Authors: M. Carrara, P. Cherubini, P. Giaretta,
A. Gomes, R. Gudwin, A. Manfrinati, C. Niño
El-Hani, E. Pessa, A. Pozzali, J. Queiroz, M. Soavi, G. Terenzi



4) Forthcoming: Special Issue of Logic Journal of
the IGPL (Oxford University Press) "Abduction,
Practical Reasoning, and Creative Inferences in Science"
edited by Lorenzo Magnani [the papers
by Bandini, Mosca and Palmonari and by Tuzet
have been presented at the E-CAP2004_ITALY].

Authors: A. Aliseda, S. Bandini, B. Banerjee, Z.
A. Bari, D. Batens, M. C. Becker, V. Bharathan,
P. D. Bruza, W. Carnielli, R. J. Cole, G. Dai, T.
Knag Fylkesnes, D. Gabbay, K. Hakkarainen, K.
Inoue, J. R. Josephson, S. Luan, L. Magnani, J.
Meheus, A. Mosca, A. Nepomuceno, S. Paavola, M.
Palmonari, C. Pizzi, P. Pohjola, L. Reyes, C.
Sakama, M. Sintonen, F. Soler, D. Song, G. Tuzet, J. Wood, F. Zirpoli




To order the book Computing and Philosophy,
edited by Lorenzo Magnani, please use the link
above, or, to order at a special 20% discounted
price of 17,36 € + 4 € for shipping costs, please
fill out the following informations and send it
by mail to publishers_at_aia-company.com or by fax to +39 0382 301811.

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Computing and Philosophy, edited by Lorenzo Magnani

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Associated International Academic Publishing Company Srl
IBAN: IT20H0690611301000000043280

Lorenzo Magnani
Director, Computational Philosophy Laboratory
Department of Philosophy,
University of Pavia,
Piazza Botta 6, 27100 Pavia, Italy
Department of Philosophy,
Sun Yat-sen University,
510275 Guangzhou (Canton), P.R.China
Chair (with Li Ping) of the Conference MBR06-CHINA
Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Medicine
http://www.unipv.it/webphilos_lab/mbr06.php July 2006
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