19.715 sound pictures of world languages

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         Subject: sound pictures of world languages

Dear Humanist colleagues, it is 33 years after I entered the post
graduate studies. It is 30 years after my first article was
published. After that I published 330 articles and 6 books. I have
computed the sound pictures of 157 world languages. Unfortunately,
there are many more languages in the world which phonemic frequency
of occurrence was never computed. I guess it is important to find out
how one language differs from the other by the phonemic frequencies
in their speech sound chains. They are as different as the faces of
people, It is possible to compare the sound pictures of languages and
draw some typological conclusions. However, it looks that nobody
cares. I never received any e-mail message which would support my
studies on the frequncy of occurrence of speech sounds in different
languages. It is strange for me why American Indian, African or
Australian aboriginal languages were never studied from this point of
view. I wonder if I should celebrate the publication of my first
article or I should regret that I went into linguistics. It looks
that the Natural Sciences are appreciated by the society much more
than linguistics. It is very sad for me. I wonder if you can explain
why it is so. Looking forward to hearing from you soon to
<mailto:yutamb_at_mail.ru>yutamb_at_mail.ru Remain yours most sincerely
Yuri Tambovtsev, Novosibirsk, Russia
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