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[The Rosalind Franklin Fellowships (Groningen, Netherlands) are named
after the scientist at King's College London whose X-ray studies were
crucial to solving its structure. (Her story is a very compelling
one; see, for example,
http://www.sdsc.edu/ScienceWomen/franklin.html.) The purpose of these
fellowships is to promote the participation of women in Liberal Arts
and Natural Sciences. This from the Groningen website

>At the Faculty of Arts, three Fellowships are available. Research
>and education in the Faculty of Arts is carried out in the field of
>modern and classical languages and cultures, history, art history,
>archaeology, linguistics, communication and international relations
>(see Faculty website,
><http://www.rug.nl/let/onderzoek/rff//let>www.rug.nl/let )
>Applicants ideally have:
> * a PhD degree and preferably several years of post-doctoral experience
> * at least five publications in international, peer-reviewed journals
> * international experience
> * experience in supervising research projects
> * teaching experience and qualifications
> * organizational qualities and communication skills.
>Successful candidates will set up their own research project(s) in
>the area of their choice, including funds to support a PhD project,
>and will be expected to establish their own research programme and
>to attract external funding. They will also contribute to the
>teaching programmes within the faculty.

For information on humanities computing at Groningen, see the
contributor's web-page, cited below. --WM]

The competition for these fellowships will be fierce, and
expectations are high, but they lead to a full professorship, and
include a bit of funding to get research going.

So please encourage very bright women to apply!

Rosalind Franklin Fellowships are tenure track positions for women
which including supplemental financing for one graduate student
project, and which may lead to full professorships. Applications
from candidates with research specializations which complement
faculty strengths are especially welcome.

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