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   [1] From: "InSciT2006 Conference" <inscit2006_at_instac.es> (123)
         Subject: InSciT2006 Updates

   [2] From: "Kiril Simov" <kivs_at_bultreebank.org> (49)
         Subject: Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Metadata
                 Extraction - Call for Paper

   [3] From: fomi <fomi_at_loa-cnr.it> (97)
         Subject: CFP: Formal Ontologies Meet Industry - Second
                 International Workshop

   [4] From: f.sudweeks_at_murdoch.edu.au (53)
         Subject: Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and
                 Communication Conference

         Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 06:47:24 +0100
         From: "InSciT2006 Conference" <inscit2006_at_instac.es>
         Subject: InSciT2006 Updates

Second Call for Papers and Conference Updates

I International Conference on Multidisciplinary
Information Sciences and Technologies, InSciT2006
Mérida, SPAIN, October 25th-28th, 2006

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended: May 15th, 2006

Dear colleague,

In addition to the features informed in the CFP,
InSciT2006 is pleased to announce some relevant
news about the conference, including new keynote
speaker, workshops, journal special issues and
accommodation arrangements. Please read it through to know more….

Dr. Donald H. Kraft, Louisiana State University,
USA. JASIS&T Editor. Lecture: Intelligent Methods
in Models of Text Information Retrieval: Implications for Society
Dr. Wolfgang Glanzel, Katholieke Universiteit
Leuven, Belgium. Scietometrics Co-Editor (Title to be announced)
Dr. Felix de Moya Anegón, University of Granada,
SPAIN. Main researcher of SCImago Research Group. (Title to be announced)
Dr. Chaomei Chen, Drexel University, Editor of
Information Visualization, USA. Lecture: Visual
analysis of concept change and information diffusion

Incoming contributions are following a good rate,
acceptance letters have started to be sent. A 400
papers proceedings book is expected to be
distributed among the attendees. In addition to
regular papers, it is also possible to submit
proposals to the half-day International Workshop
on Visual Analytics of the Evolution and
Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge, led by Dr.
Chaomei Chen and to the full-day Specialized
Session on Knowledge Discovery and Management in
Life Sciences, led by Dr. A. Fazel Famili. More info:

InSciT2006 is pleased to announce the inclusion
of one workshop and one specialized session into
the conference scientific program. Both sessions
have been set up in order to extend the
conference target audience, as reaching the
widest range of research communities is one of
the major goals of the conference. Find below
full details about these new and exciting tracks of InSciT2006.

-- International Workshop on Visual Analytics of
the Evolution and Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge
October 26th (half-day workshop)

-- Specialized Session on Knowledge Discovery and
Management in Life Sciences: Current Trends and Future Directions
October 27th (full-day session)

Major topics include the following, for a
comprehensive list of topics covered by InSciT2006 visit:

Information Retrieval
Digital Libraries
Hypertext and Hypermedia Systems
Electronic Publishing
Knowledge and Information Management
Science and Information Mapping
Data Mining
Human-Computer interaction
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Information Visualization
Social Networks

All accepted papers presented at InSciT2006, both
in the regular tracks and specialized sessions
and workshops will be published as book chapters
in the Conference Proceedings Book, which will be
jointly edited by the University of Extremadura
and the Open Institute of Knowledge. The title of
the publication is expected to be "Current
Research in Information Sciences and
Technologies. Multidisciplinary approaches to
global information systems" and it will contain
an International Serial Book Number (ISBN).

Confirmed journals: (being updated)

-- Information Visualization.
Published by Palgrave Macmillan Journals. ISSN: 1473-8716
5-7 selected papers of the Workshop on Visual
Analytics of the Evolution and Diffusion of
Scientific Knowledge will form a special issue of this journal.

-- The International Information and Library Review
Published by Elsevier. ISSN: 1057-2317
A selection of high quality papers presented in
InSciT2006 will undergo an extension and revision
process to become journal articles of a IILR special issue.

At this moment is also being considered to
produce a special issue of Information Sciences,
published by Elsevier. ISSN: 0020-0255

InSciT2006 has agreed with Rural Plan (a local
travel agency) an accommodation service available
for the conference attendees. Please, note that
through this service a wide hotel category range
is provided in order to adapt the offer to the
widest range of budgets. Thus, from five-stars
hotels to two-stars and hostels are offered
through the conference organization. All hotels
showed have been checked for a standard of quality.

Thank you in advance and do not hesitate to
contact us for any suggestion or inquiry.
We would also appreciate it if you could
disseminate this Call for Papers within your Department or Institution.

Dr. Vicente Guerrero Bote
InSciT2006 Conference Chairman
University of Extremadura

Borja Gonzalez
InSciT2006 Secretariat
Email: inscit2006_at_instac.es

         Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:08:55 +0100
         From: "Kiril Simov" <kivs_at_bultreebank.org>
         Subject: Workshop on Natural Language
Processing for Metadata Extraction - Call for Paper

        Natural Language Processing for Metadata Extraction
                           (NLP4ME 2006)
       Workshop to be held on September 12th as part of the
                       AIMSA 2006 Conference
                   Varna, September 13-15, 2006

Workshop Motivation and Aims

In spite of the massive amount of work in the last years in the
area of Semantic Web, the problem of the creation of semantically
annotated electronic content is still one of the main bottlenecks
for the Semantic Web technology. A key technology, which is
employed to overcome this problem is Natural Language Processing,
because most of the content of the web is still textual. Any
support for automatic and semi-automatic extraction, elicitation
of metadata to such content will be of great assistance to the
authors and users of the web content.

The workshop aims at being a forum for researchers to present
their work in the area of semantic annotation, key word
extraction, practical compositional semantics etc. It will
provide an opportunity to present and discuss original methods
for identification of metadata in text, semantic annotation of
text, dealing with multilingual content, interconnecting metadata
with ontologies, etc.

Topics of interest are connected with, but not limited to the
following suggestions:

- standards for metadata
- extraction of metadata from texts
- metadata and ontologies
- extraction of concepts and keyphrases from text
- metadata in a multilingual environment

Important dates

Deadline for workshop abstract submission: 20th May 2006
Notification of acceptance: 24th June 2006
Final version of paper: 30th July 2006
Workshop: 12th September 2006

Invited Speaker

Paul Buitelaar, DFKI


Papers should describe existing research connected to the topics
of the workshop. The presentation at the workshop will be 30
minutes long (25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for
questions and discussion). Each submission should show: title;
author(s); affiliation(s); and contact author's e-mail address,
postal address, telephone and fax numbers. Extended abstracts
(maximum 1500 words, plain-text format) should be sent to:

                  Petya Osenova
                  Email: petya_at_bultreebank.org


         Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:18:48 +0100
         From: fomi <fomi_at_loa-cnr.it>
         Subject: CFP: Formal Ontologies Meet
Industry - Second International Workshop

    Apologies for multiple copies of this message


        Second International Workshop on
        Formal Ontologies Meet Industry


        December 14-15, 2006

        University of Trento


This event is jointly organized by:
       - Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento
       - University of Trento
       - University of Verona
       - Creactive Consulting S.r.l., Affi


Following the great success of the previous edition, we are glad to
invite you to attend the second Formal Ontologies Meet Industry
Workshop (FOMI 2006).


FOMI aims to become an international forum where researchers in
different disciplines and practitioners of various industry sectors
meet to analyze and discuss issues related to methods, theories,
tools and applications based on formal ontologies.

It is nowadays widely understood that the semantic dimension and
model driven approaches play an important role not only in research
fields but also in networked economy. In particular, it has emerged
that semantic based applications are relevant in distributed systems
such as networked organizations, organizational networks, and in
distributed knowledge management. Namely, these knowledge models in
industry aim at providing a framework for information and knowledge
sharing, reliable information exchange, meaning negotiation and
coordination between distinct organizations or among members of the
same worldwide organization.

The business world also considers this issue of strategic relevance
and keeps paying particular attention to it because many theoretical
results have already been proved effectiveness in real applications
like data warehouse construction, information infrastructure
definition, and all processes and applications of knowledge

With the application of new methodologies and techniques in the
everyday practice and the accessibility of new theoretical results
in this area, developing new tools based on more sophisticated
frameworks has become a common need. This is an important reason for
the increasing interest in the employment of formal ontologies in
fields like medicine, engineering, financial and legal systems, and
other business practices. In all these fields, a new emerging trend
is to evaluate the interdependencies between theories and methods of
formal ontology and the activities, processes, and needs of
enterprise organizations.

A typical example of this is the evaluation of the benefits that huge
organizations can obtain by implementing ontology based systems.


The workshop is a forum to meet and discuss problems, solutions,
perspectives and research directions for researchers and
practitioners. We welcome papers or project descriptions that aim at
applying formal ontologies in industry. In particular,

    - theoretical studies on formal ontologies committed to provide
sound bases for industrial applications and to allow formal
representation of corporate knowledge;

    - business experiences on case studies that single out concrete
problems and possible solutions; the experience analysis should
provide useful insights on social and strategic aspects that might
be relevant in the creation and deployment of formal ontologies as
well as useful criteria or methods to evaluate ontologies and their
effectiveness in applications.


Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

     - ontology methodologies in business practice;
     - ontologies and corporate knowledge;
     - ontologies adaptation within organizations;
     - formalization of the know-how;
     - representation of artifacts and design;
     - representation of functionalities;
     - representation of knowledge and business processes;
     - linguistic representation in organizational knowledge;
     - linguistic problems in organizational standard code and
codification processes;
     - enterprize modeling;
     - ontology evaluation;
     - ontology effectiveness;
     - ontology changes and developments within organizations;
     - representation of business services;
     - ontologies and electronic catalogs;
     - ontologies and e-commerce;
     - ontologies and marketing;
     - ontologies in the practice of engineering;
     - ontologies in the practice of medical sciences;
     - ontologies in finance;
     - ontologies and e-government.

We also encourage submissions which relate research results from
close areas connected to the workshop topics.



         Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:19:19 +0100
         From: f.sudweeks_at_murdoch.edu.au
         Subject: Cultural Attitudes towards
Technology and Communication Conference


Fifth International Conference on
28 June - 1 July 2006, Tartu, Estonia
Website: www.catacconference.org

Conference theme:
Neither global village nor homogenizing commodification:
Diverse cultural, ethnic, gender and economic environments

The biennial CATaC conference series provides a continuously
expanding international forum for the presentation and discussion of
current research on how diverse cultural attitudes shape the
implementation and use of information and communication technologies
(ICTs). This fifth conference is hosted by Tartu University in Tartu,
Estonia. Tartu, known as the "city of good thoughts", is situated
180km south of the country's capital, Tallinn.

Presenters from 20 countries will provide a rich and exciting
Program. Examples of plenaries and special sessions include: cultural
diversity, technology and information transfer, culture and online
education, youth and mobile technologies, and issues in indigenous
and minority languages, gender and identity, and ethics and justice.
The conference includes multiple opportunities for discussions that
will provide initial syntheses and future directions for research and

Dr Marju Lauristin, Professor of Social Communication, University of
Tartu, Estonia. Dr. Lauristin has more than 70 academic publications.
Her most recent publications include Baltic Media in Transition and
The Challenge of the Russian Minority: Emerging Multicultural
Democracy in Estonia. Dr Lauristin has served as a member of the
Estonian Parliament from 1990-1995 and again 1999-2003. During this
time, she also served as the Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia
from 1992-1994.

The conference dinner will be held on Thursday 29 June at the
Atlantis Restaurant overlooking the Emajogi River. The dinner is
preceded by a one-hour cruise on the river.

The discounted conference registration fee, until 21 April, is USD350
(or USD270 for full-time students). The registration fee includes
technical sessions, proceedings, shuttle bus between Tallinn and
Tartu, reception, lunches, morning and afternoon coffees, boat
cruise, conference dinner and closing cocktails.

See the registration form on the conference website for more
information and REGISTER NOW.


Professor Charles Ess
Drury University, USA
Tel: 1-417-873-7230; Fax: 1-417-873-7435

Dr Fay Sudweeks
Murdoch University, Australia
Tel: 61-8-9360-2364; Fax: 61-8-9360-2941
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