19.732 the criticism of software: where to look for it?

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         Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 07:15:49 +0100
         From: Neven Jovanovic <neven.jovanovic_at_ffzg.hr>
         Subject: Re: 19.718 the criticism of software

Willard et al.,

If "software" is interpreted as concrete manifestations, and not
absolutely, one rhetorical procedure immediately comes to mind:
comparation. There are several programs intended to do, well, about the
same (e. g. Juxta and Versioning Machine): what do they deliver? What we
can, or cannot, do with them? When to (take the trouble to learn to) use
one, and when another?

I begin to wonder, is this a too simple answer to Willard's question...

But I have another one, of my own. I know where to look for criticism of
books; where to look for criticism of (humanities) software? (As opposed
to reports on conceptualizing and building the programs...)

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