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   [1] From: Stéfan Sinclair <sgsinclair_at_gmail.com>(by way
         Subject: XTeXT Workshop (May 8th, McMaster University)

   [2] From: "Sloan-C ALN Conference" <aln_at_dcesupport.ucf.edu> (25)
         Subject: Sloan-C ALN Conf. - Call for Papers Deadline
                 Approaching: April 30th, 2006

         Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:08:49 +0100
         From: Stéfan Sinclair <sgsinclair_at_gmail.com>(by way
         Subject: XTeXT Workshop (May 8th, McMaster University)

Dear Colleagues,

I'm very pleased to announce a TAPoR-sponsored technical workshop on
developing applications with XTeXT, an XML-aware search and retrieval
system. XTeXT is available within TAPoR for fast search and analysis
operations on text repositories; it can also be integrated into other

When: May 8th 10am-4pm
Where: TSH 202, McMaster University
Instructor: Rob Good (http://isagn.com/xtext.htm)

More information on the workshop below. If you're interested, please
respond to me (St=E9fan Sinclair) directly at my regular email address,
which starts with my user handle "sgs" and uses the domain name
"mcmaster.ca". Space in the workshop is limited. For more information
on TAPoR, please see http://tapor.ca/

*** XTeXT Workshop ***

XTeXT is an XML aware search and retrieval system which also supports
development of web applications designed to access the XML in various
custom ways. The core search technology underlying XTeXT is designed
to be scalable and to run efficiently on regular hardware. This
allows XTeXT to search gigabytes of XML and return results quickly.

The applications can be used from a web browser and a webservice
interface is also available. Output templates written in XSL are used
to handle layout and presentation of the user interface, or
reformatting of webservice results.

The workshop will provide a hands-on opportunity to build repositories
and applications within an individual XTeXT installation. Participants
will have access to a server where an XTeXT installation has already
been set up and is ready to use. From there we will do the following:

    - login and set up a browser and shells for further use
    - edit existing methods in sample applications and add new methods
    - design, create and extend new applications
    - create and use Repositories and Application Servers
    - use Repositories to index and search texts
    - create XSL templates for applications
    - use GCL (XTeXT's internal query language) to enhance searches

For completeness we will also cover downloading and installing XTeXT
for the first time.

Some familiarity with web browsers, ssh clients, shell/command line
environments, a text editor, Perl, XML and programming concepts will
be needed. XTeXT is written in Perl and runs under GNU/Linux on Intel
compatible hardware. It also makes extensive use of existing open
source tools. It is under ongoing development funded by custom
development, licensing, maintenance and support fees.

[Please do not reply to this message as I use this address for
communication that is susceptible to spambots. My regular email
address starts with my user handle sgs and uses the domain name
Dr. Stéfan Sinclair, Multimedia, McMaster University
Phone: 905.525.9140 x23930; Fax: 905.527.6793
          TSH 333, McMaster University
          1280 Main Street West
          Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4M2
         Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:13:10 +0100
         From: "Sloan-C ALN Conference" <aln_at_dcesupport.ucf.edu>
         Subject: Sloan-C ALN Conf. - Call for 
Papers Deadline Approaching: April 30th, 2006
Call for Papers
Deadline Approaching: April 30, 2006
We wanted to remind you that the deadline is quickly approaching for
submitting proposals for the 12th Sloan-C International Conference on
Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN): "The Power of Online Learning:
Realizing the Vision." The conference strongly encourages proposals that
reflect the implications for the field of specific e-learning experience
and practices. Last year's conference attracted over 700 participants to
more than 120 presentations, as well as exhibits, pre- conference
workshops, keynote and plenary addresses, and variety of other special
events. Proposals must be submitted by April 30, 2006.
Program Tracks:
The Power of Online Learning: Realizing the Vision
Learning Effectiveness
Emerging Learning Environments
Student Services
Faculty Development and Support
Intersections - Creating Opportunities & Partnerships
For complete details on online submission of proposals,
visit our Website at www.aln.ucf.edu
For more information and to register visit our website (www.aln.ucf.edu),
call 1-866-232-5834 (Toll Free), 407-882-0260 or email aln_at_mail.ucf.edu.
Sponsored by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in conjunction with The
University of Central Florida, University of Massachusetts Lowell, SCOLE
& American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC)
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