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   [1] From: "R. Allen Shoaf" <rashoaf_at_clas.ufl.edu> (41)
         Subject: Special Issue of EXEMPLARIA in Honor of Sheila Delany

   [2] From: Antonella D'Ascoli <dascolia_at_tiscalinet.it> (93)
         Subject: JIIA

         Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 06:27:25 +0100
         From: "R. Allen Shoaf" <rashoaf_at_clas.ufl.edu>
         Subject: Special Issue of EXEMPLARIA in Honor of Sheila Delany

          The Publisher, Editors, and Advisers of EXEMPLARIA announce
a special issue in honor of Sheila Delany, to celebrate her
distinguished career in Medieval Studies.

          Guest-edited by Lynn Arner (University of Pittsburgh), this
collection is scheduled to appear as a special issue of EXEMPLARIA in
the fall of 2006 (to be shipped gratis to all subscribers of record)
and is available online as a digital preprint at the following URL:


Permission is hereby granted to copy and to cite the essays in this
collection for
any non-commercial purpose with full acknowledgment of EXEMPLARIA's
copyright in
them. Acknowledgment of the digital version of the issue should take
the following

Author's Name
Essay's Title
EXEMPLARIA: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Special Issue: In Honor of Sheila Delany
Accessible at: (complete URL of the individual essay)

          Problems in, difficulties with, or suggestions about the
website should be
directed to the Editors of EXEMPLARIA through one of the e-mail links
provided on
the various pages of the site.

          The site will remain on-line throughout the remainder of
calendar 2006 and will from time to time be updated as the
guest-editor and/or authors deem appropriate.

          Please feel free to circulate this announcement to any
e-list the members of
which may be interested in the issue.

Thank you,

R. Allen Shoaf, Alumni Professor of English 1990-93
Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities 1982-1983 & 1999-2000
University of Florida, P.O. Box 117310, Gainesville, FL 32611-7310
Co-founding Editor, /EXEMPLARIA/, ras_at_ufl.edu
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352.317-0247 (Cell)
725 NE 6th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601-5567

         Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 06:28:03 +0100
         From: Antonella D'Ascoli <dascolia_at_tiscalinet.it>
         Subject: JIIA

'Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary
Archaeology' http:// www.jiia.it

JIIA Eprints Repository (Open Access Repository) http://eprints.jiia.it/

The "Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary
Archaeology" (Acronym: JIIA) is an online serial publication on
archaeology, antiquity sciences and archaeological applied sciences.
It is interdisciplinary and concentrates particularly on the problems
of interculturality in the ancient world.
It uses scientific contributions offered freely by scholars from the
university and scientific research world and
organises the open- access dissemination of the research results.

The JIIA is registered with the Court of Frosinone, Italy, entry no.
303/2003, has been a member of the USPI (Italian Periodical Press
Union) since 2003, has been allocated International Standard Serial
Number (ISSN) 1824-1670 by the National Italian ISSN Centre and is
protected by Italian copyright law as a collective work.
The JIIA was formed (on the 10th of October 2003) solely on personal
initiative, is non-profit, and is supported and protected by the
constitution of a Scientific Council and a Committee of Honour (2005).
As from 2005 the JIIA is a peer reviewed journal.

The online peer review procedure will lead to an "open access and
collaborative archaeological network".
Primary data and accompanying metadata inflow is into the ADR
(Archaeological Disciplinary Repository), based on a EPRINTS
installation (OAI compliant): the first archaeological disciplinary
repository in the world, modelled on the open access archives
protocol, guaranteeing metadata harvesting and thus the high
visibility and widespread international dissemination of the research.
Registration with Open Access Initiative guarantees unconditional
compliance to the philosophy and ethics of the open access archives

The works donated by scholars and authorised for publication on the
JIIA remain the property of their respective authors together with
all moral and patrimonial rights; permission for publication of the
images accompanying the scientific articles, for scientific purposes,
is granted by their respective owners.


JIIA Eprints Repository (Open Access Repository) http://eprints.jiia.it/
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Author: Ouzoulias Pierre
Title:L'économie agraire de la Gaule:aperçus historiographiques et
perspectives archéologiques

Agricultural economics of Gaule: historiographic outlines and
archaeological prospects
The prime objective of this work is to subject to an examination some
around concepts whose Gallo-Roman rural archaeology was gradually
built. Without seeking exhaustiveness, this historiographic analysis
is organized around some topics which were selected because they
preserve a relative topicality and that they explain current
orientations of the discipline. Thus, an attention was paid to the
exchanges which marked, with XVIIIe and XIXe c., the emergence of the
economic analysis and the rise of a new agrarian history of Rome and
of Gaule. It appeared that the questions relating to the
consequences of the conquest of Gaule and its invasion at the end of
Antiquity were indissociable debates on the State, the origin of the
European nations, the individual in the company and the direction of
the history. Lastly, this study was the occasion to wonder about the
conditions of emergence of Gallo-Roman archaeology and to think of
its epistemological relationship with the historical discipline.The
final chapter is devoted to a theoretical analysis of the operation
of the family small-scale farming and agricultural company, in
particular by identifying the constraints that the use of the labour
imposes to them. It is proposed to give up the traditional vision
which tends to regard the villa and the family exploitation as the
representatives of two antagonistic modes of the development of the
grounds to promote an archaeology anxious to apprehend overall the
campaigns while trying to restore their variety
and to include/ understand the multiple interactions which bind their various

Best regards
Antonella D'Ascoli

Antonella D'Ascoli
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'Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology'
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