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         Subject: being methodical?

I would be very grateful to know about essays, treatises and the like
on the subject of method, especially ones prior to computing as we
know it, though historical studies since then would be most welcome.
I know about Coleridge's and Descartes' treatises on method.

I'm also collecting books and essays on how to do research (in any
field whatever); recommendations here would be welcome as well. (I'm
aware I've asked this question before, but repeating things is a good
idea in forums like this one.) For this latter genre I have the following:

Richard D Altick, The Art of Literary Research
Howard S Becker, Tricks of the Trade
Wayne C Booth et al, The Craft of Research
Jane E Miller, Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers
Richard W Hamming, You and Your Research
Paul N Edwards, How to Read a Book
W C Schluter, How To Do Research Work

Many thanks.


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