19.758 less is more? a note on interface design

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Minard's diagram of Napoleon's march on Russia is reproduced in Edward
Tufte's book, _Visual Display of Quantitative Information_.

Perry Willett
University of Michigan

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Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 08:25:39 +0100
From: Stan Ruecker <sruecker_at_ualberta.ca>
If we look then at something like Minard's classic diagram of
Napoleon's ill-fated march into Russia, we see it in its current form
as an overall representation. There is a thick line of troops at the
start, and a trickle coming back. I'll attach a Figure 1 in a jpeg.

[I'm unable to figure out how to post this jpeg along with the words
given here; I suggest a note to Stan Ruecker if you want to see it. --WM]
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