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   [1] From: Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns_at_vt.edu> (36)
         Subject: Learning Inquiry Issue 1, Volume 1

   [2] From: Susan Schreibman <sschreib_at_umd.edu> (23)
         Subject: UM Libraries announce best practice guidelines for
                 digital collections

         Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 06:53:08 +0100
         From: Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns_at_vt.edu>
         Subject: Learning Inquiry Issue 1, Volume 1

The first issue of the journal Learning Inquiry is now online. I
expect the print to arrive shortly:)

The first issue is centered on the theme "The Futures of Learning"
and has contributions from many leading scholars from an extensive
range of fields.

The futures of learning

Editorial: introducing Learning Inquiry
Jason Nolan and Jeremy Hunsinger

Imagining, seeking, inventing: the future of learning and the
emerging discovery networks
Gary Natriello

Learning from instruction: the case of mathematics
Erik De Corte

Metaphysics and learning
Helen Verran

The paradoxical future of digital learning
Mark Warschauer

Learning, change, and the utopia of play
Stuart Moulthrop

Critical media literacy is not an option
Douglas Kellner and Jeff Share

Implementation of knowledge management in organizations
Katrin Winkler and Heinz Mandl

jeremy hunsinger
Information Ethics Fellow, Center for Information Policy Research,
School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


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         Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 06:55:38 +0100
         From: Susan Schreibman <sschreib_at_umd.edu>
         Subject: UM Libraries announce best practice guidelines for
digital collections

Digital Collections and Resources at the University of Maryland
Libraries is pleased to announce the new edition of "Best Practices
for Digital Collections at UM Libraries"
(http://www.lib.umd.edu/dcr/publications.html). In addition to
covering topics such as project lifecycle management and technical
specifications for still images and text, this new edition covers
audio and moving image formats, Web authoring guidelines, user
centered design as well as a local interpretation of the "digital
master" concept. While the document was prepared primarily for
in-house use, UM Libraries welcomes feedback and discussion on the
concept and content from the wider cultural heritage community

Susan Schreibman, PhD
Assistant Dean
Head of Digital Collections and Research
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301 314 0358
Fax: 301 314 9408
Email: sschreib_at_umd.edu
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