21.056 text visualization

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         From: "Fotis Jannidis" <jannidis_at_LINGLIT.TU-DARMSTADT.DE>
         Subject: Re: 21.012 text visualization?

> So are the "blobby clusters" and
> "concept shapes" of text visualizations a waste of time or are visual
> analysis strategies providing useful insights which are being translated
> into concrete research outcomes?

A few months ago I saw a presentation by Jean-Daniele Fekete, a specialist
on information visualization, who showed some interesting ideas on how to
use these methods to make digital editions more accessible. He used tools
like Compus and InfoZoom and the results were impressive. There is only an
essay from 2004 online which is only discussing very few of his ideas:

Didn't look like a waste of time to me,

Fotis Jannidis
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