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Although this is a very technical conference, it will be of interest
to some on this list. Members and subscribers to the TEI receive a
discount on the conference registration fee (a discount larger than
the TEI subscription fee, I believe).

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What: International Workshop on Markup of Overlapping Structures

          XML and SGML have revolutionized the representation of
          structured information, but not all information structures
          easily into systems of hierarchically nested elements. Markup
          of overlapping structures is a perennially hot topic,
          reinvented and reimagined as often as it is solved.

          This full-day workshop will bring together the proponents of
          some of the major proposals for markup, representation,
          extraction, display, and validation of semantic overlap to
          summarize the systems they are developing and discuss topics
          of common interest. A morning of formal presentations will be
          followed by an afternoon of free-ranging discussion.

When: Monday, 06 August 2007
          the day before Extreme Markup Languages 2007,
          "The Markup Theory and Practice Conference"

Where: Hotel Europa, Montreal, Canada (the Extreme hotel)


Confirmed speakers and topics include:

* Alexander Dekhtyar, California Polytechnic State University, on the
    Concurrent XML and the ARCHway Project

* Steven DeRose, National Center for Biotechnology Information
    (National Institutes of Health), on Trojan Markup and other
    empty-element techniques

* Patrick Durusau, Snowfall Software, on Topic Mapping overlap

* Wendell Piez, Mulberry Technologies, on LMNL (Layered Markup and
    Annotation Language)

* C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, World Wide Web Consortium, on TexMecs and
    Goddag structures

* Andreas Witt, University of Tubingen, on Multiple Annotations and

Registration fee: $125 per person; there is a 20% discount for TEI-C
members and subscribers, as well as for members of IDEAlliance,
SC34, & W3C, and for full-time academics & government employees)

Registration and updated information at

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