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This will be of interest to some on this list. If you've never tried
Linux, a live CD is an excellent way to experiment without changing
anything on your hard drive, and Ubuntu is one of the most popular
and better Linux distributions out there (recently adopted by Dell as
OEM operating system on its new line of Linux machines). The disk
comes with a superb installer if you decide you want to turn your
existing Windows or Mac machine into a Dual Boot or Linux computer.

It also contains the latest version of the TEI guidelines.

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is an image of a TEI customization of the Ubuntu Live CD (Feisty
series) for Intel PC. Grab a copy, make a CD from it, reboot your PC
from the CD, and you should find yourself in a nice Linux system with
the latest and greatest TEI-everything installed. It includes a state
of the art eXist XML database system running with various TEI
documents preloaded.

I make these CDs mainly for teaching purposes, but it can also be
used as an install medium to set up a new computer with a running
Ubuntu system.

As I have said before, if you have some nice software which
should/can be be on here, let me know. There are three conditions:
   * it can't need _too_ much space
   * it must have an open source licence according to OSI definitions, and
      data files must be completely free (no "nocommercial" clauses)
   * it must be set up as a Debian package or something close (no "its got
     its own copy of Tomcat and Java with it")

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