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         From: John Unsworth <unsworth_at_uiuc.edu>
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[The following, forwarded to me by John Unsworth, is a note about the
student who started the Wikipedia entry on the digital humanities.
Those of us who are involved in marketing the wares of humanities
computing to students, alongside our colleagues flogging the rest of
disciplines in the academies which employ us, would do well to pay
attention, I think. What grabs those who end up hanging out with us?
What's the glimmer -- the promise that attracts the promise? --WM]

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>From: Ruth Mostern <rmostern_at_ucmerced.edu>
>Date: June 11, 2007 3:49:46 PM CDT
>To: unsworth_at_uiuc.edu
>Hi John,
>You asked me to send you a few words about my student Elijah Meeks,
>who started the DH Wikipedia article. I'm just back at my desk
>today. I'm forwarding an excerpt from a note I just received from
>Elijah. I told him that his name and article had come up during
>the DH conference. It seems that he beat me to contacting you
>about Wikipedia. You should by now have received a note from him.
>He writes:
>>That's an interesting coincidence, because just yesterday I left John
>>Unsworth a message over at his newly created Wikipedia userpage after
>>he'd made a few edits to the Digital Humanities article. I noted that
>>his work on the Digital Humanities Companion and the Scholarly
>>Primitives article were seminal to the article on Wikipedia and that
>>I'd be interested to hear what he thought of Wikipedia.
>I think you wanted a few words of biography about him? He's a
>perfect DH student, who started as a gamer in high school, quit
>college to ride out the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley, and went
>back to school when the getting wasn't so good there. He graduated
>from University of San Francisco with a major in Philosophy and
>Chinese. He came to join me at UC Merced because he is from the
>area, and because our start-up environment appealed to him. He's
>doing a great project on climate change and the origins of state
>formation in Bronze Age China, involving GIS and climate modeling
>as well as history and text criticism. On the side, he is
>fascinated with Wikipedia. He gave a paper at Wikimania last
>summer on Wikipedia and the academy which was quoted extensively in
>the Chronicle of Higher Ed on the topic.
>I know your interest in all this is to get prominent DH scholars to
>contribute to the Wikipedia entry. It's clear that Elijah will
>keep close track of the entry as well. Thanks Elijah for kicking
>it off!
>And thanks for a great conference last week.
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