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         From: Cristina Vertan <vertan_at_informatik.uni-hamburg.de>
         Subject: Workshop on eLearning

            CALL FOR PAPERS

             Borovets, Bulgaria
             September 26, 2007

              DEADLINE APPROACHING : 30.06.2007 !!!!!


               Workshop site: http://www.lt4el.eu/nlp_knowrep200709.html

             RANLP'2007 site: http://lml.bas.bg/ranlp2007/


Several initiatives have been launched in the area of Computational
Linguistics, Language Resources and Knowledge Representation both at
the national and international level aiming at the development of
resources and tools. Unfortunately, there are few initiatives that
integrate these results within eLearning. The situation is slightly
better with respect to the results achieved within Knowledge
Representation since ontologies are being developed which describe
not only the content of the learning material but crucially also its
context and the structure. Furthermore, knowledge representation
techniques and natural language processing play an important role in
improving the adaptivity of learning environments even though they
are not fully exploited yet.

On the other hand, eLearning environments constitute valuable scenarios
to demonstrate the maturity of computational linguistic methods as well
as of natural language technologies and tools. This kind of
task-based evaluation
of resources, methods and tools is a crucial issue for the further
development of language and information technology.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss:
? the use of language and knowledge resources and tools in eLearning;
? requirements on natural language resources, standards, and applications
originating in eLearning activities and environments;
? the expected added value of natural language resources and technology
to learning environments and the learning process;
? strategies and methods for the task based evaluation of Natural Language
Processing applications.

The workshop will bring together computational linguists, language resources
developers, knowledge engineers, researchers involved in technology-enhanced
learning as well as developers of eLearning material, ePublishers and eLearning
practitioners. It will provide a forum for interaction among members of
di erent research communities, and a means for attendees to increase their
knowledge and understanding of the potential of computational resources in

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