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Springer Verlag.

Fieldwork for Design: Theory and Practice
D. Randall, R. Harper, M. Rouncefield

Written to provide an overview of the topic for researchers and
graduates, as well as practitioners, this book will prove an invaluable
resource for everybody in the field.

"As an HCI researcher and practitioner, I am delighted to see, at last,
a balanced view about the practice of ethnography within our field."
Gary Marsden, Associate Professor of HCI, University of Cape Town, South

PEACH - Intelligent Interfaces for Museum Visits
Editors: O. Stock, M. Zancanaro

A coherent survey of the relevant technologies and environment for
physical museum visits! This book includes reports on mobile guides,
infrastructure and user modeling, the use of stationary devices,
collaborative storytelling, 3D modeling, evaluation and usability, and
future perspectives.

The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, System Infrastructures
and Applications for Smart Environments
Editors: N. Streitz, A. Kameas, I. Mavrommati (Eds.)

"The-computer-as-we-know-it" will have no role in our future everyday
lives. It will be replaced by a new generation of technologies, moving
computing away from the desktop and ultimately integrating it into real
world objects and everyday environments.

This book provides a unique combination of concepts, methods and
prototypes of ubiquitous and pervasive computing, reflecting the current
interest in smart environments and ambient intelligence.

Balanced Website Design: Optimising Aesthetics, Usability and Purpose
D. Lawrence, S. Tavakol

BWD provides guidance, structure and detailed documentation / process
support for designing and implementing your next website - helping you
to maximise its effectiveness and relevance.

Information Visualization: Beyond the Horizon
C. Chen

Now in inexpensive paperback! This comprehensive introduction to
visualization and virtual reality examines information visualization in
a broader context.
Easy to understand and practitioner-friendly
Comprehensive coverage of knowledge discovery, network evolution and
emergent patterns detection
Citation visualization for chapters as roadmaps

Virtual Reality

The multidisciplinary nature of this field leads to research into a
number of exciting areas including: virtual reality technologies and
software systems, the design of virtual reality systems and virtual
environments, human factors issues, and philosophical and ethical issues
- amongst others. The forthcoming special edition for example, explores
the extent to which VR is affecting the creation of an electronic
society. The term E-Society describes the research areas covering
aspects of digital technologies for large user communities and applies
to a wide range of applications from e-government, e-democracy, and
e-business to e-learning and e-health. Using VR technologies for these
various applications can make them more tangible and real for the users.

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