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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:30:29 +0100

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   [1] From: Enrico Franconi <franconi_at_inf.unibz.it> (51)
         Subject: CFP: ACM Web Information and Data Management workshop

   [2] From: Kuldar Taveter <kuldar_at_csse.unimelb.edu.au> (65)
         Subject: 3rd International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies
                 and Rules for the Enterprise

   [3] From: "Matt Kirschenbaum" <mkirschenbaum_at_gmail.com> (99)
         Subject: Visionary Landscapes: ELO 08

   [4] From: Methnet <methnet_at_KCL.AC.UK> (20)
         Subject: Real Time Collaborative Art Making: AHRC ICT Methods
                 Network workshop

         Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:14:26 +0100
         From: Enrico Franconi <franconi_at_inf.unibz.it>
         Subject: CFP: ACM Web Information and Data Management workshop

[Submission date for the following has already passed us by. This is
being circulated for purposes of information only. --WM]

                       **** CALL FOR PAPERS *****

9th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management
                               (WIDM 2007)

                    November 9, 2007, Lisbon, Portugal

                    Sponsored by ACM SIGIR and SIGWEB
                In Conjunction with the 16th ACM CIKM 2007

ACM WIDM 2007 is the ninth in a series of workshops on Web Information
and Data Management to be held in conjunction with the 16th
International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM
2007). The objective of the workshop is to bring together
researchers, industrial practitioners, and developers to study how Web
information can be extracted, stored, analyzed, and processed to
provide useful knowledge to the end users for various advanced
database and Web applications.


-- Web Mining: Web Usage Mining, Web Classification, Web Clustering,
     Resource Discovery, Web Personalization, Web Data Extraction, Web
     Structure Mining

-- Formal Models for Web Data and Knowledge Management: Ontologies,
     Data Models and Metadata, Query Languages, Annotations

-- System Issues for Web Applications: Performance of Web Applica-
     tions, System Design, Caching and Indexing of Web data, P2P

-- Methodologies for Web Data Management: Data Integration, Archiving,
     Security, Personalization

-- Tools and Infrastructure for Web Data Management: Web Site Modeling
     and Design, Web Visualization Tools, Intelligent Agents on the Web,
     Web Services

-- Web Applications: Digital Libraries, Web Portals, Warehousing, Web
     Information Filtering, Web Commerce, Web Monitoring

-- Web Exploration: Web Crawling, Web Search Engines


Submission of abstracts & full papers: July 21st, 2007
Notification of acceptance: August 21st, 2007
Camera-ready copy due date: August 31st, 2007


Electronic submission will be used. The pdf version of the paper
should be submitted to the WIDM 2007 electronic review system no later
than July 3rd, 2007. The paper should be formatted in the camera ready
ACM format and should be at most 8 pages long. The paper should
present innovative ideas on the topics of interest and not be
published or under consideration elsewhere. More detailed information
about the paper submission procedure will be available at the workshop
website. All accepted papers will appear in the Proceedings published
by ACM Press.


         Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:18:23 +0100
         From: Kuldar Taveter <kuldar_at_csse.unimelb.edu.au>
         Subject: 3rd International Workshop on Vocabularies,
Ontologies and Rules for the Enterprise

CALL FOR PAPERS (due to the delay of notifications for the main conference,
the submission deadline has been extended until 17 July)

The 3rd International Workshop on
(VORTE 2007)


In conjunction with the 11th IEEE International
EDOC Conference (EDOC 2007)
"The Enterprise Computing Conference"

15-19 October 2007, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Selected papers accepted to the workshop to be invited for a
special issue in Elsevier's ISI-indexed Information Systems journal


Vocabularies, ontologies, and business rules are key components of a
model-driven approach to enterprise computing in a networked economy.
VORTE 2007 is the third workshop associated with an EDOC conference that
intends to bring together researchers and practitioners in areas such as
philosophical ontology, enterprise modelling, information systems,
Semantic Web, Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), business rules, and
business processes. The goal of the workshop is to discuss the role that
foundational and domain ontologies play in the conceptual development
and implementation of next generation tools for enterprise computing.
Since enterprise vocabularies and ontologies, as well as business rules
do not exist in isolation but serve to support business processes, THIS


The workshop contributions will be organized along four major thematic
areas, under which the following topics of interest will be included,
but not limited to:

* Conceptual Modelling
- Business Vocabularies, Terminologies, and Taxonomies
- Ontological Approaches to Content and Knowledge Management
- Enterprise Information Integration and Interoperability
- Service Taxonomies and Service Registries (for example, UDDI-related
- Ontological Foundations for Conceptual Modelling
- Languages for Conceptual Modelling (for example, OWL and UML)
- Agent-Oriented Conceptual Modelling
* Business Rules and Business Process Semantics
- Semantic Web Services
- Service Ontologies (for example, research related to OWL-S)
- Business Rule Languages and Components
- Rule-based Approaches to Web Service Policies and Choreographies
- Ontologies for Business Process Management
- Agent-based Business Rule and Process Management
- Business Process Modelling and Execution Languages (for example, BPMN
and BPML)
* Ontologies for Enterprise Computing
- Foundational Ontologies and Enterprise Computing
- Ontological Evaluation of Enterprise Systems
- Ontologies for Interoperability of Enterprise Systems
- Ontology-based Enterprise Architectures
- Ontology-based Software Engineering for Enterprises
- Enterprise Components' Modelling
* Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) approaches to Enterprise Computing
- Modelling and Architecture Frameworks
- Domain Engineering
- Domain-specific Business Information and System Engineering
- Transformation between MDA layers


         Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:19:23 +0100
         From: "Matt Kirschenbaum" <mkirschenbaum_at_gmail.com>
         Subject: Visionary Landscapes: ELO 08

From: Dene Grigar <dene_at_eaze.net>
Date: Jul 6, 2007 1:45 PM
To: ELO-DIRECTORS_at_listserv.umd.edu


Below is the CFP for our upcoming conference here at WSUV. Can we get
this announcement added to the ELO website? And will you guys mind
posting it to the various listservs of organizations that you belong

Thank you,

Landscapes: Electronic Literature Organization 2008 Conference

Thursday, May 29-Sunday, June 1, 2008
Vancouver, Washington

Sponsored by Washington State University Vancouver
& the Electronic Literature Organization

Dene Grigar & John Barber, Co-Chairs
http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/dtc/elo08.html (website, coming August 8)

Producing a work of electronic literature entails not only practice in
the literary arts but sometimes also the visual, sonic, and the
performative arts; knowledge of computing devices and software
programs; and experience in collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and
hybridity. In short, electronic literature requires its artists to see
beyond traditional approaches and sensibilities into what best can be
described as visionary landscapes where, as Mark Amerika puts it,
artists "celebrate an interdisciplinary practice from a literary and
writerly perspective that allows for other kinds of practice-based
art-research and knowledge sharing."

To forward the thinking about new approaches and sensibilities in the
media arts, The Electronic Literature Organization and Washington State
University Vancouver's Digital Technology and Culture program are
inviting submissions to the Electronic Literature Organization 2008
Conference to be held from May 29 to June 1, 2008 in Vancouver,

"Visionary Landscapes: Electronic Literature Organization 2008
Conference" is interested in papers that explore forms of digital media
that utilize images, sound, movement, and user interaction as well
as or in lieu of ords and that explore how we read, curate, and
critique such works. Topics may include:

-- New, non-screen, environments for presenting multimedia writing=
/or electronic literature
-- Research labs and new media projects
-- Strategies for reading electronic literary works
-- Curating digital art
-- Innovative approaches to critiquing electronic literature
-- Emerging technologies for the production of multimedia writing and
/or electronic literature
-- Building audience for new media literary works and writing
-- Digital, literary performances
-- Publishing for print or electronic media connecting literature and
the arts through common archiving and metatag strategies
-- Artistic methods of composition used in intermedia storytelling
(improvisation, collaboration, sample and remix, postproduction art,
codework, hactivism, etc.

In conjunction with the three-day conference, there will be a juried
Media Arts Show. Along with prizes for the most notable work, selected
artists will be awarded bursaries to attend the conference featured at
the show. Submission guidelines will be posted beginning August 15,
2007 on the conference website.

The keynote speaker is internationally renown new media artist and
writer, Mark Amerika, named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator." His
artwork has been exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, the ICA in London,
the Walker Art Center, and the Denver Art Museum and has been the topic
of four retrospectives. Amerika is also the author of many books,
including his recently published collection of artist writings entitled
META/DATA: A Digital Poetics (The MIT Press), founder of the Alt-X
Network, and publisher of the electronic book review. He currently
holds the position of Professor of Art and Art History at the
University of Colorado at Boulder.

Deadline for Submissions for Presentations: November, 30, 2007
Notification of Acceptance: December 30, 2007

Vancouver, Washington, located in the Pacific Northwest just across the
Columbia River from Portland, OR, is about a six hour drive south of
Vancouver, Canada and three hours south of Seattle, Washington. The
conference day events will take place at Washington State University
Vancouver, a Tier One research Institution built in the foothills of
the Cascade Mountains with views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens. The
official conference hotel is the Hilton Vancouver located in downtown
Vancouver, Washington with easy access to restaurants, bars, and
evening conference events. Special rates have been negotiated for
conference attendees. A conference shuttle will take attendees to and
from the campus daily. The recommended airport is PDX at Portland,
which is about a seven minute drive to downtown Vancouver, WA.

The cost of the conference is $150; graduate students and
non-affiliated artists pay only $100. Conference registration covers
access to all events, the reception, some meals, and shuttle

For more information, contact Dene Grigar at Grigar_at_vancouver.wsu.edu.

Dene Grigar, PhD
Associate Professor and Program Director
Digital Technology and Culture
Washington State University Vancouver
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686
Office Voice: 360-546-9487
MMC 102G
Web: www.nouspace.net/dene

         Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:20:30 +0100
         From: Methnet <methnet_at_KCL.AC.UK>
         Subject: Real Time Collaborative Art Making: AHRC ICT
Methods Network workshop

Places are available for the Methods Network funded workshop on:


Date: July 20th 2007
Venue: The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
Organiser: Dr. Grgory Sporton

This workshop is focused on developing and applying technologies in
the Visual and Performing Arts, exploring technologies that can be
adapted for use in the arts and networking technologies being
developed for use in the blurred area between the visual and performing arts.

The workshop is geared for artists and academics in the visual and
performing arts who are interested in the potential of networked
technologies as a creative platform. The workshop will support and
encourage work in this area, introduce some of the technologies and
demonstrate applications. This is a free workshop but registration is
required and numbers are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

More information and a link to the registration form is available at:
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