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the Open Source Way' - Participate NOW!
From: S.A.Rae
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FLOSSCom Summer University - 'Learning the Open Source Way' - Free and
Open Education - Virtual & On-Campus Summer University - Participate

For further information on: The FLOSSCom project:
<file://www.flosscom.net> The Summer University Toolkit Development
Space: <http://wiki.ubuntu.com/flosscom> The Summer University Work
Space at Ubuntu / Launchpad: <http://launchpad.net/flosscom>

The European Union funded FLOSSCom research project is investigating
Free / Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) communities as learning
environments. The project aims to identify principles of FLOSS
communities that could be transferred to educational settings, e.g. how
the community model could help to improve education.

FLOSS communities might be described as one of the best examples of open
and free education, where thousands of individuals, from very different
educational backgrounds and geographic areas, work together in project
groups developing and improving new or existing systems (project work &

Translated to education this would mean that every citizen would be able
to learn at no charge and throughout their life. In FLOSS communities
one can find up to date learning resources that are provided by the
community for the community and embedded in a large support network;
provided voluntarily by the community members in a collaborative manner.

Trying to explore and transfer the success factors of these kinds of
communities to formal education is the objective of the FLOSSCom
project. The FLOSSCom project consists of partners from 4 European
countries (Greece, Portugal, Netherlands and United Kingdom) and is
supported by the European Commission's Minerva Programme in education.

The project will run a 'Virtual and On-Campus Summer University'
starting at the beginning of July. The Summer University is a 12 week
open access session with the objective of developing a toolkit on
'Learning the Open Source Way'.

The summer university will be conducted as a joint event bringing in as
a 'special guest' the Ubuntu community -- The world's famous Linux
distribution with a community of 320.000 enthusiasts!

We especially encourage students to take the chance and engage with
experts throughout the globe. We ask everyone to feel free to bring in
their knowledge, thoughts and energy, without any fees or enrolment
criteria. The invitation is open to learners who have no, little or a
great deal of experience with FLOSS communities.

As a reward for their contribution, 10 students that proved a high
commitment to the project at the 'Virtual & On-Campus Summer University'
will be invited to an International Workshop in Portugal taking place in
summer 2008! The FLOSSCom project will cover their travel and
accommodation cost! All those who will participate voluntarily at the
project and help us making the 'Virtual & On-Campus Summer University' a
successful event will receive an e-certificate in the name of all
FLOSSCom project partners of having participated in the project.

For further information on the FLOSSCom project:
<file://www.flosscom.net> Summer University Toolkit Development Space:
<http://wiki.ubuntu.com/flosscom> Summer University Work Space at Ubuntu
/ Launchpad: <http://launchpad.net/flosscom>


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Learning and Teaching Development
IET, The Open University
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