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Dear all,

[sorry for any x-posting]

A new issue of Human IT (with some articles in English) has been
published over the summer and is available on the Web at

This issue's theme is Electronic Records, and it is guest edited by
Anneli Sundqvist at Mid Sweden University. She writes:

"Information technology has added new dimensions to the concept of
records and to archival practices. For thousands of years the medium for
records creation was stable and physically tangible, and thus the
handling primarily concerned keeping order in a literal sense. Then from
the middle of the 20th century, first microfilm, audio recordings, and
later computer technology, have challenged the foundations of both
practices and principles. The new technology has made an enormous
proliferation of records possible, often in susceptible formats of short
duration. The concept of a record as a fixed entity and of the archive
as a definite assembly of closed records is questioned. This touches
upon the intricate issue of the relation between technology and social
change. All the contributions to this thematic issue of Human IT attend
to the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on
established practices in such various fields as administrative work,
long-term preservation of official documents, and the conservation of
art works."

Table of contents:

* Anneli Sundqvist
Guest editorial: Electronic Records: An Introduction

* David Brolin
Den digitala hammarens filosof: Vilem Flusser-introduktion på svenska
[The Philosopher of the Digital Hammer: An Introduction in Swedish to
Vilém Flusser] (Review)

* Lars Ilshammar
When Computers Become Dangerous: The Swedish Computer Discourse of the
(Refereed Section)

Electronic Records:

* Else Hansen
Ny viden - gamle ideer: Elektroniske registre i den danske
centraladministration [New Knowledge - Old Ideas: Electronic registers
in the Danish Central Administration] (Open Section)

* Kenneth Hanstrom
Autenticitet i en digital varld: Langsiktsbevarande av allmanna
handlingar [Authenticity in a Digital World: Long Term Preservation of
Public Records] (Open Section)

* Karin Wagner
Internet Art and the Archive (Open Section)

* Pauline Singh, Jane E. Klobas & Karen Anderson
Information Seeking Behaviour of Electronic Records Management Systems
(ERMS) Users Implications for Records Management Practices (Refereed

Human IT is a multidisciplinary, scholarly journal which publishes new
research and discussion on digital media as communicative, aesthetic,
and ludic instruments. It is published by the University College of
Boras, Sweden.

Best regards,
Helena / co-editor
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