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Instructions for the National Digital Newspaper Program
From: Aguera, Helen
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 14:01:43 -0400

National Endowment for the Humanities: Division of Preservation and Access
Cooperative Agreements for the National Digital
Newspaper Program (A Partnership between NEH and the Library of Congress)


Program Overview
-- Award amount: up to $400,000
-- Deadline for submission: November 1, 2007
-- Award announcement: June 2008
-- Grant period: 2 years beginning July 2008

NEH is soliciting proposals from institutions to
participate in the National Digital Newspaper
Program (NDNP). Ultimately, over a period of
approximately 20 years, NDNP will create a
national, digital resource of historically
significant newspapers from all the states and
U.S. territories published between 1836 and 1922.
This searchable database will be permanently
maintained at the Library of Congress (LC) and be
freely accessible via the Internet. [See the beta
prototype Web site, Chronicling America: Historic
American Newspapers at
An accompanying national newspaper directory of
bibliographic and holdings information on the Web
site will direct users to newspaper titles
available in all types of formats. LC will also
digitize and contribute to the NDNP database a
significant number of newspaper pages drawn from
its own collections during the course of this
partnership between NEH and the Library.

The NDNP will be implemented in several phases,
gradually extending its chronological
coverage. Current awards to state projects are
supporting the selection and digitization of
newspapers published in California, Florida,
Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Texas,
Utah, and Virginia between 1880 and 1910. The
Endowment intends to fund projects in all states
and U.S. territories provided that sufficient
funds allocated for this purpose are available.
One organization within each U.S. state or
territory will receive an award to collaborate
with relevant state partners in this effort.
Previously funded projects will be eligible for
continued support to digitize pages from new
decades, as the program increases its
chronological span. For this competition,
successful applicants will be selecting
newspapers=ADpublished in their state in English
between 1880 and 1922=ADand digitizing
approximately 100,000 pages, according to the
technical guidelines
outlined by the Library of Congress.

NDNP builds on the foundation established by an
earlier NEH initiative: the United States
Newspaper Program (USNP)
Since 1982, the Endowment has supported a
cooperative, national effort to locate, catalog,
and preserve on microfilm American newspapers
published from the 18th century to the present.
NEH has funded newspaper projects in all the
fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico, and the Virgin Islands. When completed in
2009, USNP will have provided bibliographic
control to widely scattered newspapers and have
preserved on microfilm (to consistent national
standards) selected titles from this vulnerable
corpus. LC has provided technical assistance
for the USNP since its inception.

NEH expects to award two-year cooperative
agreements (of up to $400,000 each), depending on
the availability of funds. The Application
Guidelines are located at:
. LC=92s technical guidelines are found at:
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