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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 8, Issue 33

August 21, 2007 -- August 27, 2007


      Clear, concise, persuasive writing is a fundamental skill
needed by every educated person whatever his or her profession.
Unfortunately, very few people ever truly master it. Not because it
is so difficult, but because schools seldom teach its true essence.
IT people, perhaps more than most, know the importance of
understanding the fundamentals of a discipline (e.g. mathematics)
before it can effectively be put to use. Although a professional
writer, Philip Yaffe has degrees in mathematics and physics from the
University of California. His articles on persuasive communication
(writing & speaking) reflect this background by going straight to the
essence of the matter. His article in this issue of Ubiquity, How to
Improve Your Writing by Standing on Your Head, should be read
together with his previous article The Mathematics of Persuasive Communication

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