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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 8, Issue 34

August 28, 2007 -- September 3, 2007

       Ubiquity associate editor Ross Gagliano begins this book review:

"Karl Fant has written a very compelling book
that should be read by both academicians and
practitioners alike. Here I speak from
experience, having assumed a role in both in
prior incarnations. Fant's rejection of commonly
held mathematical foundations should pique the
curiosity of those in the theoretical computer
science community. On the other hand, those in
the "real world" of circuits, architecture,
compilers, programming, operating systems, and
applications need to be aware of Fant's proposed clockless systems design."

Suggestion: First read the review by Ross
Gagliano, and then read Karl Fantd's new book,
"Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression."

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