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         Subject: Special issue of ISR: science and humanities at the
                 physics/biology interface

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         Subject: CPLab/MBR - NEW BOOKS

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         From: "Alison Holgate" <A.Holgate_at_maney.co.uk>
         Subject: Special issue of ISR: science
and humanities at the physics/biology interface

05 September 2007
Leeds, UK

Journal explores science and humanities at the physics/biology interface

Working at the Interface: Physics meets Biology is the June 2007 special
issue (volume 32, issue 3) of the journal Interdisciplinary Science
Reviews, and features a selection of high level papers from the
inaugural Entre-Sciences colloquium hosted by the French Fondation de la
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme at the National Museum of Natural History
and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris. Drawing together an
audience of scholars from the human sciences and 'practitioners' working
at the interface of physics and biology, the meeting prompted extensive
and lively discussion.

The special issue features papers from historians and philosophers of
science, physicists, biologists and anthropologists, which highlight the
tumultuous relations between the physical and biological sciences.
Papers include:

-- 'Physics, biology and history', Michel
Morange (Ecole Normale Supérieure,
Paris, France)
-- 'Contenders for life at the dawn of the twenty-first century:
approaches from physics, biology and engineering', Evelyn Fox Keller
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
-- 'Interdisciplinarity: some models from the human sciences',
Marilyn Strathern (University of Cambridge, UK)
-- 'Synchrotron radiation sources: a focal point for multidisciplinary
research', Andrew W. Thompson (Synchrotron SOLEIL, France)
-- 'The manipulation of single biomolecules', Jean-François Allemand1,
Gilles Charvin2, Vincent Croquette1, Giuseppe Lia2 and David Bensimon1
(1Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
2 Rockefeller University, USA, 3Harvard University, USA)
-- 'Self-organisation processes in living matter', Eric Karsenti
(EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany)
-- 'Modelling collective phenomena in neuroscience', Jean-Pierre
Nadal (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France)

In the past, physics was in the position of giving the life sciences the
theoretical apparatus they lacked. At present, in contrast, physicists
seem unable to answer the foundational question, 'What is life?', and
some may think physics now of use to the life sciences merely as a
purveyor of instrumentation. In practice, however, the situation is much
more complex.

While the historians concur in the view that physics cannot supply the
theoretical tools that could explain the fundamental questions, for
example how life appeared on Earth, the practitioners have a more
positive vision of the relationships between their disciplines:
statistical physics and the physics of dynamical systems can permit the
modelling of at least some biological issues.

The guest editorial can be viewed at
www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/isr. For more details on the
individual papers, please see below or view the PDF on the ISR homepage
at www.maney.co.uk/journals/isr

About the Association Entre-Sciences

The prestigious Association Entre-Sciences, based in Paris, has the
remit of promoting discussion on interdisciplinarity. By organising
forums for researchers drawn from different disciplines within the
natural sciences but working on common problems, and by enabling
discussions with specialists from the human sciences, the Entre-Sciences
approach is to bring together differing viewpoints, and to encourage
scientists to reflect on their practice in the light of this
interaction. For more information please visit

About Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

The journal Interdisciplinary Science Reviews aims to set contemporary
and historical developments in science and technology in their wider
social and cultural context. Contributions span the physical,
biological, social and historical sciences, the arts and humanities. ISR
transcends boundaries of subject and method to provide a truly
interdisciplinary forum. For more information please visit

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         From: Computational Philosophy
Laboratory - University of Pavia <cp-lab_at_unipv.it>
         Subject: CPLab/MBR - NEW BOOKS

Model-Based Reasoning in Science, Technology, and Medicine
Proceedings of the International Conference MBR06_CHINA
(Guangzhou, P.R. China, July 2006)
Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 64
525 p. 77 illus., 10 in color.
Also available online., HardcoverISBN: 978-3-540-71985-4
Springer, Berlin/New York, 2007

Morality in a Technological World. Knowledge as Duty,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007
Hardback (ISBN-13: 9780521877695)
Author's Website: http://www.unipv.it/webphilos_lab/site.php
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