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From: Mandell, Laura C. Dr.
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 10:53:20 -0400

The NINES group spearheaded by Jerome McGann at UVA is trying to help
people get started with state-of-the-art digital projects. NINES held a
workshop in Summer 2005 which was extraordinarily successful in helping
people develop their digital editions. We'll hold another one 2008 at
Miami of Ohio for anyone who is interested. This summer workshop will
include instruction from Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman of the Brown
Women Writer's Project about how to code digital archives, as well as
seminars on database design, visualizing information, and mapping. We
expect two people to come from any given project -- more or less is
fine. Details appear on the CFP, attached, and here:
<http://www.muohio.edu/visualrhetoric/Miamiworkshop.pdf> Please apply,
and please pass this CFP to other lists.

Laura Mandell
Associate Director, NINES
Associate Professor
English / Miami Univ.
Oxford, OH 45056 US

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Computing | Centre for Computing in the
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