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Dear colleagues,

To explain: although matters of water policy do not usually concern
us as humanists, several of the articles of ISR 32.3 do address the
question of interdisciplinarity, which is something of interest to
disciplinary wanderers like us.


Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 32.3

ISR Editorial
Cattermole, Howard
32.3 pp. 185-185(1)

Building a research agenda on water policy: an exploration of the
Water Framework Directive as an interdisciplinary problem
Hodgson, Susan M.; Smith, Jonathan W.N.
32.3 pp. 187-202(16)

Increasing the frame: interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and
Meyer, Morgan
32.3 pp. 203-212(10)

Studying water: reflections on the problems and possibilities of
interdisciplinary working
Connelly, Steve; Anderson, Clive
32.3 pp. 213-220(8)

Collaborative research in sustainable water management: issues of
Dixon, Jennifer; Sharp, Liz
32.3 pp. 221-232(12)

Drought, demand and the scale of resilience: challenges for
interdisciplinarity in practice
Medd, Will; Chappells, Heather
32.3 pp. 233-248(16)

Getting a measure of nature: cultures and values in an ecosystem
services approach
Hodgson, Susan M.; Maltby, Lorraine; Paetzold, Achim; Phillips, David
32.3 pp. 249-262(14)

If you have a hammer everything looks like a nail: traditional versus
participatory model building
Prell, Christina; Hubacek, Klaus; Reed, Mark; Quinn, Claire; Jin,
Nanlin; Holden, Joe; Burt, Tim; Kirby, Mike; Sendzimir, Jan
32.3 pp. 263-282(20)

The mosquito, the elephant and the House of Lords Water Management Inquiry
Cashman, Adrian; Ashley, Richard
32.3 pp. 283-297(15)

Science-driven integrated river basin management: a mirage?
Surridge, Ben; Harris, Bob
32.3 pp. 298-312(15)

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