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         Subject: ICHIM07 papers on-line

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         Subject: MEMICS 2007, Call for participation

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         From: "J. Trant" <jtrant_at_archimuse.com>
         Subject: ICHIM07 papers on-line

ICHIM07 - International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting
digital culture and heritage
Toronto, October 24-26, 2007

ICHIM07 Papers are now on-line

The first group of papers to be presented at the International
Cultural Heritage
Informatics Meeting are now on-line. See the full list at

But conferences aren't about people reading papers. They are about
seeing first hand the diversity of work being done, having
conversations and asking questions. So plan to join us in Toronto
for some stimulating discussions and debates.

Closing Plenary: Ranjiit Makkuni on the Eternal Gandhi

Ranjit Makkuni, of the Sacred World Foundation, India, will speak
about the making
of the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum. He will present a language of physical
   interface actions derived from classical symbols of the spinning wheel,
   turning of the prayer wheels, touching symbolic pillars, the act of hands
   touching sacred objects, collaboratively constructed quilts, sacred chanting
in the collective group, the satsanga and the touching and rotating of prayer
   beads. These tradition-based interactions inspire a rich panorama of tactile
   interfaces that allow people to access the multimedia imagery and
multidimensional mind of Gandhiji.

Eternal Ghandi was a winner of ID Magazine Design Award in 2006.

Register in Advance

Space is still available, but because registration at ICHIM07 is limited,
please register in advance.

Full details on-line at http://www.archimuse.com/ichim07/register/index.html

Join Us On-line

There are now over 700 people from around the world registered in the
conference.archimuse.com on-line community. Join us at
http://conference.archimuse.com and contribute to our developing
understanding of cultural heritage informatics.

Contact the ICHIM07 Conference Co-Chairs:

Jennifer Trant and David Bearman

We hope to see you in Toronto!

jennifer and David

International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings - ICHIM07
October 24-26, 2007			produced by
Toronto, Ontario, Canada		Archives & Museum Informatics
http://www.archimuse.com/ichim07/	158 Lee Ave, Toronto
ichim07_at_archimuse.com		Ontario, M43 2P3 Canada
ICHIM07 is produced by Archives & Museum Informatics in association
with the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, and
in conjunction with the Department of Canadian Heritage through the
Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) and Canadian Culture
Online (CCO), and the MaRS Collaboration Centre.
         Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 06:06:38 +0100
         From: staudek_at_fi.muni.cz (Jan Staudek)
         Subject: MEMICS 2007, Call for participation
                            Call for Participation
                        Early Payment Date Approaching!
                             3rd Doctoral Workshop
          on Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science
                                  MEMICS 2007
                 October 26--28, 2007, Znojmo, Czech Republic
The MEMICS 2007 workshop is organized jointly by the Faculty of
Informatics, Masaryk University, and the Faculty of Information Technology,
Brno University of Technology.
The aim: To provide a forum for doctoral students interested in
applications of mathematical and engineering methods in computer science
with a special focus on the various aspects of parallel and distributed
Topics: Submissions are invited especially in the following but not
exclusive areas: parallel and distributed computing, GRID computing,
computer networks and advanced applications, models and techniques for
formal verification, security; also simulation, testing and diagnostics,
theory of formal languages, quantum computing, modern hardware concepts.
Invited lectures will be given by Javier Esparza (Munchen), Tiziana
Margaria-Steffen (Potsdam), Geraint Price (London), Ian Taylor (Cardiff),
and Bernhard Steffen (Dortmund).
The proceedings will be available at the workshop in printed form. Selected
best papers will be considered for journal publication (with a full journal
review process).
Venue: The workshop will be held in Znojmo, a beautiful town on the
Austrian borders famous for a number of examples of medieval architecture
and nearby vineyards.
Programme Committee Chair
Ludek Matyska, Brno
Programme Committee Co-Chairs
Milan Ceska, Brno
Petr Hlineny, Brno
Mojmir Kretinsky, Brno
Organizing Committee Chair
Jan Staudek, Brno
Important Dates
Early payment:                October 2, 2007
Workshop dates:               October 26-28, 2007
More information: http://www.memics.cz
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