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Dean Inge (of St Paul's, London) once commented: Literature flourishes best
when it is half a trade and half an art. I often wonder whether he had
dickens in mind.
Roly Sussex
The University of Queensland

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> There are many fields in which the inescapable conclusion is that it
> is both a business AND a professional/artistic endeavor. Film Making
> is often cited as such; as is Making Dictionaries and the classic
> discipline would be Medicine. I don't think one can run down the
> business model since it brings capital in to allow the
> professional/artistic endeavor to reach beyond its innate limits when
> all decisions are made on the basis of what's best for the craft
> without regard to income.
> I guess my concept is that it is in charting a course along the
> boundary between profitable and enlightening that the skill of the
> administrators comes into play. If they are corrupt, then of course
> the result is damaged from the beginning, but shunning all funding
> sources isn't the answer either. Balancing how much good will come
> out of the funding source is the challenge.


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