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King's College London, Centre for e-Research

Enhancing and Supporting e-Research
King's College London is pleased to announce the establishment of the KCL
Centre for e-Research. Based in Information Systems and Services, the
Centre will lead on building an e-research environment and data management
infrastructure at King's, seeking to harness the potential of IT to enhance
research and teaching practice across the College. The Centre also has a
remit to make a significant contribution to national, European and
international agendas for e-research, and in particular to carry forward in
a new context the work of the AHDS across the arts and humanities.

To that end, the Centre will incorporate the Arts and Humanities Data
Service Executive and its related projects, thus providing a secure
institutional framework for the projects, and a platform for developing
future services and projects when funding for the AHDS ceases at the end of
March 2008. The Centre will seek to carry forward the legacy of the AHDS
and to use its expertise and skills to explore a new framework and funding
model for the support of ICT based around communities of practice, a network
of expert centres, and the emerging set of institutional repositories.

The Centre will be directed by Sheila Anderson, currently Director of the
Arts and Humanities Data Service. Lorna Hughes (currently Manager of the
Methods Network) and Mark Hedges (currently Technical Manager at the AHDS)
will join the Centre as Deputy Directors.

Planning for the new Centre began on 1st October 2007 and a major launch
event is planned for Spring 2008. Further information and news about the
Centre and its activities will be released over the coming months.

Sheila Anderson

Dr Stuart Dunn
Research Associate
Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre

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