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Literary and Linguistic Computing
November 2007; Vol. 22, No. 4
URL: http://llc.oxfordjournals.org/content/vol22/issue4/index.dtl?etoc

Original Articles

Language Change Quantification Using Time-separated Parallel Translations
Kemal Altintas, Fazli Can, and Jon M. Patton
pp. 375-393.

The Navajo Language Literature Project: A Case Study in Client-side Design
Patterns Using Asynchronous Requests
Kip Canfield
pp. 395-403.

Bigrams of Syntactic Labels for Authorship Discrimination of Short Texts
Graeme Hirst and Ol'ga Feiguina
pp. 405-417.

Syntactic Positions of Prepositional Phrases in the History of Chinese:
Using the Developing Sheffield Corpus of Chinese for Diachronic Linguistic
Xiaoling Hu, Jamie McLaughlin, and Nigel Williamson
pp. 419-434.

Goldsmith and the Busy Body
Peter Dixon and David Mannion
pp. 435-446.

Goldsmith's Contributions to the Weekly Magazine
Peter Dixon and David Mannion
pp. 447-468.

Tools for Searching, Annotation and Analysis of Speech, Music, Film and
Video A Survey
Alan Marsden, Adrian Mackenzie, Adam Lindsay, Harriet Nock, John Coleman,
and Greg Kochanski
pp. 469-488.


Corpus Stylistics: Speech, Writing, and Thought Presentation in a Corpus
of English Writing. Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics. * Elena
Semino and Mick Short.
Donald E. Hardy
pp. 489-490.

REED in Review: Essays in Celebration of the First Twenty-Five Years *
Audrey Douglas and Sally-Beth MacLean (eds).
Matthew Steggle
pp. 490-492.
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