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- 11th April 2008, London, UK.

** Apologies for cross postings **

Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery
7th - 11th April 2008, London, UK.

King's College London is pleased to announce the=20
Digital Futures 5-day training event for 2008.

Led by experts of international renown, Digital=20
Futures focuses on the development, delivery and=20
preservation of digital resources from cultural=20
and memory institutions. Lasting five days,=20
Digital Futures is aimed at managers and other=20
practitioners from the library, museum, heritage=20
and cultural sectors looking to understand the=20
strategic and management issues of developing=20
digital resources from digitisation to delivery.

Digital Futures will cover the following core areas:
- Planning and management
- Fund raising and sustainability
- Copyright and IPR
- Visual and image based resource development and delivery
- Metadata - introduction and implementation
- Implementing digital resources
- Digital preservation

There will be visits to 2 institutions, which had=20
previously included the National Gallery, the=20
National Archives and the Imperial War Museum.
The agenda is here:

Digital Futures aims for no more than 25-30=20
delegates and every delegate will have the=20
opportunity to also spend one-to-one time with a=20
Digital Futures leader to discuss issues specific to them.

Digital Futures will issue a certificate of achievement to each delegate.

The Digital Futures leaders are:
Simon Tanner - Director of King's Digital=20
Consultancy Services, King's College London
Tom Clareson - Program Director for New Initiatives, PALINET.
Other experts will be invited to speak in their areas of expertise.

What past delegates say about Digital Futures:
- "Excellent - I would recommend DF to anyone=20
anticipating a digitization program"
- "I was very pleased. The team was exceptionally=20
knowledgeable, friendly and personable."
- "Excellent, informative and enjoyable. Thank you."
- "Thanks, it has been an invaluable experience."
- "A really useful course and great fun too!"

Cost: =A3770 (VAT not charged, excludes accommodation)
Venue: King's College London, London
Dates: 7th - 11th April 2008

To register, go here:

The Digital Futures is run by King's Digital=20
Consultancy Services and the Centre for Computing=20
in the Humanities, King's College London working=20
in co-operation with PALINET, USA.
Simon Tanner
Director, King's Digital Consultancy Services
King's College London
Kay House, 7 Arundel Street, London WC2R 3DX
tel: +44 (0)20 7848 1678 or +44 (0)7887 691716
email: simon.tanner_at_kcl.ac.uk=09
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