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         From: Carlos Areces <carlos.areces_at_loria.fr>
         Subject: First CFP: Advances in Modal Logic, 9-12 September
2008, LORIA, Nancy, France

                      FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS

                   ADVANCES in MODAL LOGIC
      9-12 September 2008, LORIA, Nancy, France

DEADLINE: 31 March 2008

Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative aimed at presenting
an up-to-date picture of the state of the art in modal logic
and its many applications. The initiative consists of a
conference series together with volumes based on the conferences.

AiML-2008 is the seventh conference in the series.

We invite submission on all aspects of modal logics, including
the following:

- applications of modal logic
- computational aspects of modal
- complexity and decidability of modal and temporal logics
- modal and temporal logic programming
- model checking
- theorem proving for modal logics
- history of modal logic
- philosophy of modal logic
- specific instances of modal logic
- description logicsAdvances in Modal Logic
- dynamic logics and other process logics
- epistemic and deontic logics
- modal logics for agent-based systems
- modal logic and game theory
- modal logic and grammar formalisms
- provability and interpretability logics
- spatial and temporal logics
- theoretical aspects of modal logic
- algebraic and categorical perspectives on modal logic
- coalgebraic modal logic
- completeness and canonicity
- correspondence and duality theory
- many-dimensional modal logics
- modal fixed point logics
- model theory of modal logic
- proof theory of modal logic
- variations of modal logic
- hybrid logic
- intuitionistic logic
- monotonic modal logic
- substructural logic

Information about AiML-2008 will be available at the conference
website http://aiml08.loria.fr

E-mail enquiries should be directed to the local
organizer or the program co-chairs.

Information about AiML itself can be obtained at
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