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Call For Papers
Digital Americanists at the American Literature Association 2008

The Digital Americanists=20
invite proposals for 20-minute papers to be=20
presented at the American Literature=20
Association's annual meeting in San Francisco, CA, May 22-25, 2008.

Panel I: The Politics of Digital Scholarship
This panel seeks to ask questions about the=20
political implications of building digital=20
scholarly resources. What are the institutional,=20
cultural, representational, and other political=20
issues surrounding digital scholarship? For=20
example: How do the infrastructure demands of=20
digital publication determine participation in=20
digital scholarship? How do the agendas of major=20
funding agencies influence what content is=20
created? How do departments and colleges respond=20
to new models of scholarship? How does the=20
potential broadening of audience via the
Internet influence the design of=20
scholarship? How does digitization reformulate=20
our approaches to political topics in literary=20
study? What are the implications for cultural=20
and gender studies in the age of digital scholarship?

Panel II: Discoveries Through Digitization
The work of creating unique digital=20
resources=ADwhich commonly involves detailed work=20
on a narrowly-defined topic or new computational=20
approaches to very big questions=ADoften leads to=20
discovery of new knowledge about the=20
content. This panel invites scholars working on=20
different topics with digital media to share the=20
new insights into their subjects that their work=20
has produced. Of particular interest are=20
insights that scholars feel only emerged as a=20
direct result of the digital nature of their work.

Proposals should take the form of a 250-500 word=20
abstract submitted electronically (as an email=20
attachment in Word or RTF format) to Andrew=20
Jewell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,=20
<mailto:ajewell2_at_unl.edu>ajewell2_at_unl.edu and=20
Edward Whitley, Lehigh University,=

Deadline for proposals is December 21, 2007;=20
acceptances will be finalized by the end of January 2008.

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Computing | Centre for Computing in the=20
Humanities | King's College London |=20
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