21.334 events: XIV Convegno di Informatica Umanistica; Textual Scholarship and the Canon

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   [1] From: Arianna Ciula <arianna.ciula_at_KCL.AC.UK> (20)
         Subject: XIV Convegno di Informatica Umanistica

   [2] From: "Paulius V. Subacius" <pvsu_at_TAKAS.LT> (28)
         Subject: ESTS 2007 - definite program

         Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 06:24:06 +0000
         From: Arianna Ciula <arianna.ciula_at_KCL.AC.UK>
         Subject: XIV Convegno di Informatica Umanistica

Montevarchi (Arezzo) - Italy
22-23 November 2007

The programme of the "XIV Convegno di Informatica Umanistica della
Fondazione Ezio Franceschini ONLUS" (14th Conference on Humanities
Conmputing), organised by the Societa Internazionale per lo Studio
del Medioevo Latino (International society for the Study of the
Middle Ages) Fondazione Ezio Franceschini is available online at

Details on the request of refunds for expenses for young researchers
are also available at

Dr Arianna Ciula
Research Associate
Centre for Computing in the Humanities
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS (UK)
Tel: +44 (0)20 78481945
         Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 06:25:36 +0000
         From: "Paulius V. Subacius" <pvsu_at_TAKAS.LT>
         Subject: ESTS 2007 - definite program
Dear friends and colleagues,
the ESTS 2007 conference "Textual Scholarship and the Canon" in Vilnius will
start in two weeks (Thursday, 22 November). You can catch it!
You can find all the conference details on the conference site:
Among others you will find there:
the definite program (we include it with e-mail),
information how to find the conference venue,
a registration form.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Vilnius soon.
With best wishes,
Paulius Subacius and Michael Stolz
Prof. Dr. Michael Stolz
Universit=E4t Bern
Institut f=FCr Germanistik
L=E4nggass-Str. 49
CH-3000 Bern 9
Tel.: +41 31 631 83 04
Fax: +41 31 631 37 88
E-mail: michael.stolz_at_germ.unibe.ch
Doc. dr. Paulius Subacius
Faculty of Philology
Universiteto str. 5,
Vilnius, LT-01513,
Tel.: +370 610 37215
E-mail: pvsu_at_takas.lt
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