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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to send you the tenth issue of SemiotiX, first edition.
SemiotiX is an online global information bulletin that provides reports on
institutions, individuals, ideas, events and publications concerning
semiotics and related disciplines.

In this issue you will find reports on the 9th IASS/AIS World Congress of
Semiotics held in Helsinki, the International conference Signs of
Identity at the Leibniz University of Hanover, and the Levels of
Reality workshop in
Bolzano (Italy), as well as articles on Performance Studies and Rethinking
Information and our traditional book reviews.

The link for the Semiotix Bulletin 10 can be found at:

All correspondence should be addressed to the Managing Editor
<webmaster.semiotix_at_gmail.com>. Reports and News should be submitted to the
Editor <paul.bouissac_at_utoronto.ca>.


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With best wishes and kind regards,

Paul Bouissac <paul.bouissac_at_utoronto.ca>
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