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-- 4th Art of Management Conference
From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman_at_bi.no>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 06:07:54 +0100

---> Design: Management: Organization <---

---> Call for Papers to the 4th Art of Management Conference <---
The fourth Art of Management Conference meets
from September 9 to 12 at the Banff Center in Banff, Alberta, Canada.


This call invites papers and presentations for the stream on

Design: Management: Organization

The potential of design in management and
organizations is now the focus of a growing body
of knowledge in practice and theory. Theoretical
results appear in books and journal articles,
education programs, and research projects, while
businesses of all kinds put the findings into
practice, along with design firms, consulting firms, and universities.

Design is a practice of making. We realize design
in many ways: as artefact, system, and
experience. The complexity and seemingly endless
potential of design is visible in fascinating and continuously evolving=

In this stream, we ask what design thinking can
mean, examining how we can interpret and enact
design thinking in thought, artifact, experience, and action.
We invite contributions to this stream from
practitioners and scholars who explore the
intersection of design, management, and
organization. We are particularly interested in
discovering how people engage design in
management and organizational contexts. We
welcome case study accounts from designers,
design managers, general managers, and scholars
in design theory and organization theory. We also
welcome theoretical and conceptual presentations.

Many questions will interest participants in this
stream: Why is design important to the future of
management and organizational contexts? Can
design help us to save organizations? How do
design organizations enact design within their
own management and organizational contexts? What
is design management? Is there a space for poetic
design in managerial and organizational contexts?
We hope to explore design as creative practice,
design as critical thinking, design as systems management, and design as =8A

The conveners of the stream hope to develop the
presentations from this stream into a special journal issue.

For papers, please submit abstracts of 500 words.
For other presentations, we will accept any appropriate media submission.

Please send submissions to

Dr. Laurene Vaughan at


with a copy to

Ms. Jane Malabar at


The deadline for submissions is January 5, 2008.

For more information on the conference, visit URL


Stream Convenors:
Prof. Ken Friedman
Norwegian School of Management, Oslo
Denmark's Design School, Copenhagen


Dr. Laurene Vaughan
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

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