21.367 conference: Intersections in Visualization Practices and Techniques

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         Subject: Intersections in Visualization Practices and Techniques


vizNET 2008

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference and Workshop on Intersections of
Visualization Practices and Techniques

7-9 May, Leicestershire, UK

Joint Event - Hosted by vizNET and 3DVisA

Following the successful vizNET 2007 event, vizNET 2008 event aims to
establish an international medium for the exchange of new ideas and
practical experience between researchers working in the field of
visualization from scientific and engineering applications to the arts
and humanities. The scope of the vizNET event covers a wide range of
visualization topics that are applicable for novice, novice-advanced,
and and expert visualization users. This will be an important
opportunity to present and hear about the latest research, results,
and ideas in these areas, as well as their applications. The full
event will include 2 day introductory workshop in visualization (for
novice and novice-advanced visualization users) followed by a third
day of expert visualization users.

For further information visit


kind regards
Julie Tolmie

Dr Julie Tolmie
JISC 3D Visualisation in the Arts Network
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King's College London
London WC2R 2LS, UK
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