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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 8, Issue 47

November 27, 2007 -- December 3, 2007

Ten Secrets For Software Buyers

Sanjay Kumar Pal writes: "Designing and building
complex products to exact customer specifications
frequently involves long lead times and heavy
engineering content. To win business, you must
provide accurate estimates and quotations to a
demanding customer base. Unlike the majority of
manufacturers, capital equipment manufacturers
typically purchase material to a specific project
or job. You need to do progress billing and
collect actual costs to projects. Often, you will
not receive payment for a project until it is
installed and operating at a customer=B9s site. So,
cash management is of vital importance. And after
the sale, you need to track warranty information
and provide aftermarket services, including the
sale of spare parts that may constitute a
significant share of your company=B9s business."

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