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I believe the article attached addresses these issues in a very clear way.
George Bugliarelo also has written a couple of articles that are very


Renata T. S. Lemos
Post-Graduate Program in Knowledge Management and Engineering (EGC)
Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC

A New Trivium and Quadrivium
George Bugliarello
Polytechnic University

Today's conflicts between the views that the
humanities hold of science and engineering and the views science
and engineering hold of the humanities weaken the
very core of our culture. Their cause is lack of integration
in today's education among subjects that hark
back to the medieval trivium and quadrivium. A
new trivium is needed to provide every educated
person with a basic understanding of the
endeavors and instruments that help us address
our world and shape a new morality -- the
humanities, in the noblest sense of the word, to
civilize, science to understand nature, and
engineering, broadly defined, to encompass the
kindred activities that modify nature.
Integration of these endeavors is urgent. It
involves, in turn, an intimate interaction (the
"biosoma") of biological organisms, society, and
machines -- a new quadrivium. No domain can any
longer be considered and learned in isolation.

Keywords: humanities, science, engineering,

Bulletin of Science Technology Society 2003; 23; 106
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