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Over the past few years, the idea of tool development as a scholarly
activity in the digital humanities has been gaining ground. It has
been the subject of numerous articles and conference presentations.
There has not been, however, a concerted effort to gather information
about the perceived value of tool development, not only as a
scholarly activity, but in relation to the tenure and promotion
process, as well as for the advancement of the field itself.

Ann Hanlon and myself have compiled such a survey and would be
grateful if those of you who are or have been engaged in tool
development for the digital humanities would take the time to
complete an online survey available at

You will need to fill up a consent form before you begin, and there
is an opportunity to provide us with feedback on more than one tool
(you simply take the survey again). The survey should not take more
than 10-15 minutes. It is our intention to present the results of our
survey at Digital Humanities 2008.

With all best wishes,

Susan Schreibman

Susan Schreibman, PhD
Assistant Dean
Head of Digital Collections and Research
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742
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