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   [1] From: ESSLLI2008 <esslli2008_at_science.uva.nl> (10)
         Subject: ESSLLI 2008

   [2] From: Gabriel BODARD <gabriel.bodard_at_KCL.AC.UK> (150)
         Subject: CIDOC 2008 in Athens, The Digital Curation of Cultural

         Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:22:57 +0000
         From: ESSLLI2008 <esslli2008_at_science.uva.nl>
         Subject: ESSLLI 2008

Dear participants of past ESSLLIs,

As many of you may know, ESSLLI 2008 is being organized at the
Universit=E4t Hamburg, August 4 - 15, 2008. If you have not already done
so, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter for
ESSLLI 2008 to be kept informed about the summer school. You can
subscribe via this link:


Please also visit the ESSLLI 2008 homepage at


The ESSLLI 2008 organizers

         Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:24:13 +0000
         From: Gabriel BODARD <gabriel.bodard_at_KCL.AC.UK>
         Subject: CIDOC 2008 in Athens, The Digital Curation of
Cultural Heritage

Forwarded for Christian-Emil Ore (to whom queries=20
should be sent, not to me). I should think there=20
would be plenty of opportunity to address digital=20
curation of Classical archaeological materials at=20
a conference on this topic in Athens.

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Sujet: [TEI-L] CIDOC 2008 in Athens, The Digital Curation of Cultural=
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 23:15:27 +0100
De: Christian-Emil Ore <c.e.s.ore_at_EDD.UIO.NO>

First Announcement of the 2008 CIDOC Annual Conference

Dear all,

In 2008 the CIDOC annual meeting will be held in Athens, Greece from
September 15 to 18 and will be organized by the Hellenic Committee of
ICOM and the Benaki Museum. Please find additional information in French
and English below.

Kind regards,
Christian-Emil Ore

Theme: "The Digital Curation of Cultural Heritage"

Digital curation emerged as an important new concept in the theory and
management of cultural information. It covers all of the actions needed
to maintain digitised and born-digital cultural objects and data, going
beyond digital preservation to encompass their utilisation in the
context of their entire life cycle, from acquisition and appraisal to
exhibition, learning and commercial exploitation. The focus of CIDOC
2008 on the digital curation of cultural heritage will allow curators,
collection managers, documentalists, archivists and museum information
specialists to explore a broad range of theoretical, methodological,
professional practice and technological issuers related to the
appraisal, digitisation, management, representation, access and use of
digital cultural assets, such as those increasingly becoming part of
museum information systems and digital archives. A core emphasis of the
meeting will be to understand and re-contextualise the know-how and
history of established curatorial practice in museums, and memory
institutions, in general, in the new field of digital cultural heritage;
to review and discuss the applicability of standards- and good
practice-related work in the context of managing digital cultural
information; and to identify and explore the issues, methods and
challenges involved with the development of new genres and contexts of
virtual exhibition, e-learning and technology-enhanced services for
scholarship and research.

see also www.cidoc2008.gr

Call for papers

We invite you to submit an abstract of your paper. The abstract should
be written in English and be in electronic form. It should be sent to
the following email address: papers_at_cidoc2008.gr, with "CIDOC 2008
abstract" in the subject field.

Written abstract instructions:
-- An abstract must include a title
-- An abstract should not be longer than 500 words
-- Structure: introduction, objectives, conclusion

The following information has to be included:
-- Name and surname of the author(s)
-- Address of the institution (street, post code, city, telephone & fax no.)
-- Email address of the author to which further information will be sent

The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 22, 2008.
Authors will be notified of acceptance by March 22, 2008.

Contributions may take one of the following formats: full length paper
(20 min including question time) or short paper (10 minutes) on a
subject related to the theme of the conference.

The complete text of the paper should be sent by May 31, 2008, in
English or French and in electronic form only, to the email

[For whatever reason, the French version of this announcement came to
me so badly scrambled that I have deleted it. Software rumoured to be
tolerant of languages other than English and Latin is rumoured to be
ready for the New Humanist in the near future. Meanwhile the patience
of rocks is recommended.]
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