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         Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:29:43 +0000
         From: Shuly Wintner <shuly_at_cs.haifa.ac.il>
         Subject: Call for Participation: CICLing-2008 in Haifa


CICLing-2008, the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Text
Processing and Computational Linguistics, will take place at the
University of Haifa on February 17-23, 2008. More details are
available here:

The deadline for early registration is December 25th. Register here:

A small number of grants are available to cover the registration fees
of local students. Some help with the local organization of the
conference may be required from grant recipients. If you are
interested, please contact Shuly Wintner (cicling08_at_cri.haifa.ac.il)
with the following information: name, affiliation (university and
department), status (graduate/undergrad, year), name of advisor, and a
brief statement of interest (what do you expect to gain from
participating). Please apply asap, and no later than December 25th.

Looking forward to seeing you in Haifa,

Shuly Wintner
CICLing-2008 Local Organization Chair
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