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         From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty_at_kcl.ac.uk>
         Subject: postdoc in Early Modern Studies and Humanities
Computing at McGill

McGill University seeks a postdoctoral fellow to
join a large, international, interdisciplinary
research project, "Making Publics: Media,
Markets, and Association in Early Modern Europe,
1500-1700." The "MaPs" project is developing a
transformative account of the cultural and social
life of Europe from 1500 to 1700. Members of the
team, from Canada, the USA, and Europe, include
scholars in Art, Literature, Music, Theatre
History, History of Science, History of Religion,
Sociology, Human Geography, Media Studies, Social
and Intellectual History, and Education. At the
heart of the work is the study of the creation of
small-scale forms of association that represented
a new way of connecting with others, a kind of
connection not founded in family, rank or
vocation, but rather a form of voluntary
community built on the shared interests, tastes,
and desires of individuals. The central research
questions of the project -- how did public-making
change early modern society? how did it
contribute to the emergence of modernity? how
does public-making change the way we understand
the social and political dimensions of artistic
and intellectual works? -- are crystallizing into a
substantially new way of understanding early modernity and modernity itself.

Please visit the project website for further
information on the project and members of the
research team: http://makingpublics.mcgill.ca.

The start date for the year-long position is July
1, 2008. There is the possibility of renewal.
Candidates will have a PhD in one of the fields
relevant to the project and a research program
that connects substantially with MaPs. It is
expected that part of the Fellow's research
program will have to do with the educational and
social dimensions of web-based resources in the
Humanities. The Fellow will work closely with
colleagues in an interdisciplinary context. With
help and guidance from team members Wes Folkerth
and Kevin Kee, the Fellow will be principally
responsible for the continued maintenance and
development of the project website. The
fellowship will be approximately $30,000 CAD per
annum. Applications, consisting of a description
of research program, writing sample, CV, plus
three letters of recommendation, must be sent by
regular post by December 15, 2007 to Paul
Yachnin, Tomlinson Professor of Shakespeare
Studies, Department of English, Arts Building,
McGill University, 853 Sherbrooke Street West.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 2T5.

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